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How the Sherrie Silver Foundation is changing lives

Those who follow the activities of the international dancer Sherrie Silver know the young talented children she works with on stage, who have amazing talents in dancing and singing.

These children are part of the Sherrie Silver Foundation, established by this dancer, aiming to elevate the talents of African children, particularly those from impoverished families.

The children work with Sherrie in her dancing activities and also have their own projects like producing songs and other activities that have diversified their talents in various ways.

In a conversation with Sherrie Silver, she stated that the purpose of the foundation is to elevate the talents of children from poor families through their own talents.

She said, “Our organization is called the Sherrie Silver Foundation. Our activities include training young people to have the capacity to lift themselves out of poverty, aided by the artistic skills we impart to them, especially in dancing.”

“I noticed that those in this profession lack the capability to afford the cost of training needed to become a professional.”

The children in this organization affirm that since meeting Sherrie Silver, their talents have expanded, and both they and their families’ lives have changed for the better.

Keza Shakira, ten years old with talents in singing and dancing, met Sherrie Silver when she was four. Her family was living in harsh conditions, struggling even to find food.

Keza says that since meeting Sherrie, she has helped her with her education and improved the life of her family through the talent she discovered in her.

She said, “We were living in tough conditions at home. The director asked me what I wanted, and I told him I wanted to study. That’s when I met Mama Sherrie, and she began to help me in my everyday life.”

“When we met, I was very shy, but at around four and a half years old, Sherrie started taking me to places where I began dancing, and I continue to this day. When I started dancing, they would give my mother money, and we lived in Rwampara in a metal house, but now we have moved to a larger house, and all of it came from there. Life at home is now good.”

Isibo Steve Denzo, 11 years old with talents in singing, dancing, and acting in films, says that since joining the Sherrie Silver Foundation, he has been able to expand his talents.

He said, “I’m not the same person I was before; people know me, and my family doesn’t lack anything. I get paid, and I save money so I don’t have to buy anything because I’ve worked, and it gives my mother a break.”

These children are happy to have expanded their dancing talents and are determined to continue developing them to gain the capability to help other children from impoverished families.

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