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Tips on Becoming a Professional Dancer from Sherrie Silver’s Perspective

Sherrie Silver has become a renowned name in the entertainment industry, especially in the choreography arena, as she has succeeded in this field due to her skill and award-winning performances.

When we say that this profession has been successful for her, do not just think of her ability to entertain dance lovers but also consider it a profession that sustains her and has led her to achieve a lot.

Her achievements are reflected in the awards she has received for this profession, such as the MTV Video Music Award, and Time100, among others.

Sherrie Silver, who asserts that dancing is a profession she is devoted to, mentioned that innovation and hard work are key for anyone wanting to succeed in this field.

She said, ‘Dancing is my everyday job and it’s a profession you can dedicate your life to. It requires you always to be innovative, not to compare yourself with others, and to put in the effort.’

‘One of the things that hold dancers back is not respecting time, not putting in the effort, and to make a mark in the entertainment industry, one needs to work hard.’

She also took the opportunity to encourage the youth not to lose heart and to have self-confidence, which will help them achieve their life goals.

She advised, ‘What I ask of the youth is never to lose heart or give time to anyone who makes you feel incapable, and always have confidence in the future because opportunities are always there.’

Sherrie Silver gained significant fame in 2018 after directing the music video for ‘This Is America’ by Donald Glover, known as ‘Childish Gambino’. Another notable achievement is the Sherrie Silver Foundation, which aims to nurture the talents of African children.”

Innovation is key to success

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