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Untold love stories: Never touch your lover’s phone!

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Based on a true story

I remember the first time I asked out a girl. Primary school. It was so innocent. So pure. I poured my heart on a piece of paper and I remember it came back with a 98% mark on it. We were always hanging out. She was my reason to go to school and I would like to think I was hers too.

Oh what joy! Her uniform had a different color. Her shade of blue was unique. Others would laugh, but that yes, that is what made her stand out.

Johnson’s baby cologne still makes me reminisce of how we would share our lunch boxes during breaktime. Her natural bunned up hair was like a well done natural landscape. She was my first love and one of a kind.

But that is a story for another day.

Fast forward to college. I dated this South African chick. A dime. Here is when this love thing lost me. So here is my story:

I called her Vee! For some reason it made sense though her name did not even start with the letter V.

Her smile, oh my! That gap tooth gave my blood all sorts of rush! Her light skin was like sunshine to me. On my baddest days, just her sight was enough to erase all bad vibes.

As we were doing the same degree, I would assist her as she was a stream behind. One time, I was stuck in an exam and the thought of her, magically brought all the right answers in that exam. Love is a dangerous drug!

We were in love. Or maybe I believed it. I remember I had moved in with my best friend ‘Jnr Benz’ and for 2 months straight, I would only go home to collect clothes or pay rent. I literally lived in a girls hostel.

During my stay I would play hide and seek as I had to sneak around to get in and out. This is college, anything is possible right? The plan was so solid, I had to walk about a mile to take a shower. Somebody said love is a drug and I was high on it.

This is about six months later. It was all rosy, cozy and cuddles til one day, we had enjoyed a live performance by one of her favorite artists. We landed back at the hostel. She was so tired, I being a gentleman, I tucked her in and decided to put our phones on the charger. I should not have touched that device! That device was my demise.

Upon plugging the charger, the phone lit to show that it was charging and to my surprise, a text message saying ‘love you too babe’ was right there, staring at me as I stared back.

I really thought it was one of those times when girls call each other babe, but my friend, it was a dude’s name. It was so obvious I couldn’t play dumb. They say love is blind but in this case fam, I was it all!

When they say boys do not cry or boys do not have feelings, IT IS A LIE! We hurt. We hurt badly. I felt my heart sinking. All the good times flashed right before my eyes. I wondered, what really did I do wrong. How could this happen?

In all calmness, as tears trickled down my face, oozing like a fountain. I called her name out gently ‘..Vee’, I called again more times. She woke up and saw me holding her phone, shaking. The look on her face just sold it.

She knew I knew. In that moment, the man in me transformed. The sweetness turned to rage. All things I wanted to ask vanished. I froze. I felt something in me literally die.

What do you think happened next?

To be continued…

8 Responses

  1. You have revived 2017 in literature, and that has me nostalgic for the good old days. I remember blazing through FIFA matches with you over the situation, but as the adage goes, “Love ain’t going to be fair all the time,” so you have to make room for it once more.

    (What do you think happened next?) i know what happened next but i would want you to paint another frame of this hahahah!

    1. Times were tough. However we learn, we grow!
      I vividly remember the FIFA matches. We planned and planned. We shared thoughts and hypothesized what could happen.

      Part two dropping next Tuesday!

  2. Interesting story indeed. Love shouldn’t hurt. Society thinks that girls only get hurt but truthful matter is boys also get hurt in the process. Patiently waiting for part 2.

    1. You are so right! The picture we have in the society is tricky. Guys hurt bruv. We have more men committing suicide cause platforms are not open to men expression hurt or pain. We need to be our brothers keepers.

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