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Why is ignorance not an excuse for the youth to commit crimes

The Minister of Culture and Arts Promotion, Dr. Jean Nepo Abdallah Utumatwishima, told the public that the youth should not be used to commit crimes based on ignorance.

The youth in Rwanda that were placed in different political parties each driven by the ethnic ideology were involved in the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

This isn’t unique just here, as even in the case of the Cambodian Genocide, which occurred between 1975 and 1979 in the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia, the youth was notably utilized in killing over two million people in that nation.

Additionally, the Congolese Patriotism movement within the Democratic Republic of Congo targets Tutsis in that country and those who speak Kinyarwanda due to the ideology influenced by the Genocide against the Tutsi.

As the community gathered with Our Past Initiative during the 30th commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi, Minister Utumatwishima emphasized that the youth must be held accountable for all its actions, from its origins, to be thoroughly investigated for any motives that could lead to committing crimes, ignorance or young age is not an excuse.

He said that during the Genocide against the Tutsi, certain young people participated, some were at barriers, some were looting, and some were with the militia looking for Tutsis in their hiding places.

Minister Utumatwishima guided the youth from various Rwandan families with diverse backgrounds, showing that they all have a responsibility to rebuild Rwandan unity.

He emphasizes that if someone comes from families that lost people in the Genocide against the Tutsi, they have a special duty to respect their memory, to honor their remains, and to contribute where they lack.

He says, “It’s a responsibility to participate in activities and initiatives that prevent you from repeating past mistakes, and ensuring that you won’t harm others and your future.”

He acknowledges that the community must avoid provocative actions that could lead to repetition of the past.

He says, “It’s important to understand your responsibilities and to be well-informed about the history you’re a part of.”

This guidance is also given to the children of those who contributed to rebuilding the country,he emphasized that they should follow the footsteps of their parents and make sure that they did not fight in vain.

Minister Utumatwishima admits that seeing a child from such a background among people with bad behaviors would be a waste.

He says, “As Rwandan children, we must recognize that our unity, collaboration, good governance, intelligence, aversion to evil, commitment to work, and unwavering resilience are the true legacy we have from this country and our people who suffered the Genocide against the Tutsi.”

He further reminds the community to embrace the message President Kagame conveyed at the beginning of the commemoration week, showing that the youth is the foundation of the future and unity.

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