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At 28, she secured a 300 million RWF contract: The story of Dushimimana from Burera

Béatrice Dushimimana, a 28-year-old young woman from the Burera District, began her entrepreneurship journey through potato farming, a common practice in her home region.

She is among those who shared their KURA journey with their peers during the celebration of International Women’s Day.

In her testimony to thousands of women and girls gathered at BK Arena, she mentioned how she embarked on entrepreneurship right after completing high school.

She said, “I finished my studies in 2015, majoring in History, Economics, and Geography (HEG). Standing here, I am grateful for how far we, as girls, have come. I started farming potatoes in 2015 and later saw progress.”

She continued by saying that the initial earnings from potato farming helped pay for her university education.

“Through the money I made from potatoes, I was able to further my education, and now I am in my final year at university, studying Law.”

Dushimimana has now opened a center called DB Ibesheho Ltd, which led her to be awarded a contract in the districts of Burera, Muhanga, and Kamonyi to supply schools.

She confirmed that the contract is worth 300 million RWF.

“They gave me a contract worth 300 million RWF. You see, in lifting us women, we have not let you down. I found it necessary to expedite the contract they gave me by purchasing a Fuso truck worth 50 million RWF. You see, as a girl, I have progressed; I now own a house I built for myself.”

She encourages her fellow young women and women to be bold.

“I stand here to tell young girls and parents, taking myself as an example, that as a girl, I dared. The secret is to dare, save, join cooperatives, and work with financial institutions. I am here to encourage you to know that it is possible, we have good leadership. Women in our country are at the forefront.”

28-year-old Dushimimana from the Burera District, began her entrepreneurship journey through potato farming
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