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Things we should leave in 2023

Youth embody the future and hope of a nation, and it’s crucial to establish various programs for them to ensure they are well-prepared for their future responsibilities and avoid pitfalls.

The Fifth Population and Housing Census in Rwanda revealed that over 58% of the population is under 25 years old, and those under 30 years old constitute more than 65%. Additionally, those under 35 years old make up 75% of the population. This demographic data shows that Rwanda is a young nation and it’s imperative to establish solid plans for the youth, as their future stability is at stake.

The year 2024 is pivotal for Rwanda in all aspects. The country is at the end of the NST1 development acceleration program and embarking on initiatives to achieve the Vision 2050 goals, aiming to become a wealthy nation. This cannot be achieved if negative behaviors and attitudes continue to be prevalent.

This article will discuss behaviors that the youth should abandon in 2023 if they truly wish to contribute to development.

Alcohol Abuse and Drug Use

One behavior to leave behind in 2023 is alcohol abuse and drug use. No one can progress if their mind is not clear, and these habits can lead to disgrace and even criminal activities, possibly resulting in life imprisonment.

Statistics from the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) over the past four years indicate a prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse among people aged 18 to 30, especially among students. Therefore, last year a campaign was launched to eradicate this issue by promoting a sober lifestyle, including penalizing those who provide alcohol to individuals under 18, to ensure that Rwandan youth live purposeful lives.


While receiving support in terms of finances, ideas, etc., is beneficial, it becomes detrimental when one constantly feels incapable and relies on others for personal development, contributing little to nothing on their part. The youth aspiring for progress must discard this mentality in 2023.

In various ongoing programs, the vulnerable are not forgotten, but the emphasis is on the principle of ‘contribute what you can’ – one should be helped but also play a part in their own upliftment.

The youth are also included in this approach. For instance, the Business Development Fund (BDF) recently announced that it has over 30 billion Rwandan Francs available to support various projects, providing opportunities for the youth to think broadly rather than always depending on handouts.

Spending More Than You Earn

People have different incomes, hence their spending habits vary. However, the way they spend is crucial. Essential expenses include rent, food, clothing, and personal projects. A common financial guideline among economists is the ‘The 50/30/20 Rule’.

This rule suggests that 50% of your income should go towards essentials like rent, food, and daily necessities. 30% can be allocated for leisure activities, which are also important for a balanced life. The remaining 20% should be used for savings or debt repayment. This ratio can be adjusted, but priorities should come first.

Following the Crowd

Many, including the youth, suffer from blindly following trends. This leads to living beyond one’s means, making hasty decisions, or engaging in risky behaviors. This issue often stems from materialism, peer pressure, or the desire for prestige, leading to high costs and potential problems.

Youths with clear goals should leave this mindset behind in 2023, adhering to their values and resisting peer pressure. True friends will understand and respect your choices.

Fear of Failure

People generally strive for success and dread failure. However, one should not fear failure, as it often brings valuable lessons. Avoiding ventures like business due to fear of failure, often without proper research or learning from others’ experiences, limits opportunities.

The key is to conduct thorough research, make informed decisions, and understand that business involves both success and failure. Don’t be paralyzed by setbacks.

Unhealthy Lifestyles

Some people lead lifestyles that pose risks to their health, mistaking them for luxury or quality living. This includes excessive TV watching, unhealthy eating habits, and a general sense of despair.

Health experts advise against such lifestyles, recommending activities like reading, exercising, spending time in tranquil environments, and watching TV in moderation with a clear purpose aligned with personal development goals.


While self-confidence and standing by your convictions are positive, refusing to listen to others can have negative consequences. Such an attitude can lead to severe stress and isolation, as people may be reluctant to assist someone who is unyielding and dismissive of advice. This can lead to a challenging and unproductive life.

In summary, the youth of Rwanda in 2023 should strive to leave behind negative behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse, dependency, overspending, peer

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