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Africa In Colors: Sharpening youth creativity with its upcoming training program

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The Rwandan youth do not lack talent or creativity. According to Africa In Colors (AIC), what is lacking is a better understanding of how to maximize individual creativity while also honing existing skills.

Individual creativity is something no one can give or take away from you; talent is something you are born with. However, in order to be leveraged, talent or individual creativity must be sharpened.

That is what Africa In Colors, together with its partners, Guez Show, Bank of Kigali, Young Africa Works and the Mastercard Foundation, is attempting to accomplish by developing a training program centered on the creative industry.

30 young people will be given the opportunity to participate in a training program centered on 3D Modeling, Gaming, Content Development, Animation, Music Business, and Entrepreneurship in Culture and Creative Industries through the training program, which will focus on education, collaboration, and access to funding.

To give you some background on AIC, it is a Pan-African platform founded in Rwanda with the goal of being present in all 54 African countries. Africa in Colors arose from the need to position Africa on the global market as a creative economy.

Raoul Rugamba, the company’s founder and CEO, believes the company will position itself as a “catalyst” for the creative industry.

He stated that the company is constructing a cultural and creative industry ecosystem in which creatives can thrive and where they can create long-term jobs for young people.

The entire AIC team believes that there is so much that can be derived from individual creativity, which is currently underutilized in Rwanda.

Bwimba Shema Eloi, a previous cohort participant and the Communication Officer at AIC, believes that the industry still has a long way to go and that young creatives need to be trained on how to best leverage their natural talent.

“There is a lot that can be improved in the Rwandan creative industry,” he said. “For me, it is a land that is yet to be exploited; there are a lot of opportunities, but we are running low on developing it.”

“There’s a lot to do, a lot to invest in, and a lot to learn,” he added.

That is the focus of the upcoming training. The training is designed specifically for young people aged 16 to 24.

According to the CEO, the purpose of this training is to help Rwandan youth gain the skills and knowledge they need to thrive and grow as individuals and professionals.

“This upcoming training will be for young people, with the goal of working in three or four industries,” he explained.

3D Modeling, Gaming, Animation, Music Business, Content Production, and Entrepreneurship in the Culture Creative Industry are among the programs available.

The free training program is aimed at young people who are already employed in those industries. To be more inclusive, the AIC has offered to conduct some training in person and others virtually, which is ideal for people living in the provinces.

The program will not only focus on the soft skills required in this industry, such as marketing, communication, and others, but it will also focus on the implementation aspect of it all.

“The program will emphasize soft skills and implementation through internships in various businesses.” Bwimba stated.

AIC will assist these young people in obtaining internships and putting their newly acquired knowledge to use—talk about a sustainable goal!

For those who want to apply check out our opportunities section:

Hurry up though, you have up to the 28th February to scoop this chance!

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The training program is tailored for young people aged 16 to 24
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Raoul Rugamba, the CEO and Founder of Africa In Colors

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