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Untold love stories Part IV: Long distance and online dating

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If you want to test exactly how strong you are emotionally, try dating someone from a distance. I do not mean the distance from Kimironko to Kibagabaga, no! I mean try to date someone from the Western Province, try dating someone from the Eastern Province.

The best thing you have are phone calls, video calls and other online methods of communication but, is that enough?

Hazelnut resides in Mashonaland West Province and is located South West of Harare, the Capital City where I resided. The drive is roughly two hours and as a student, I could not afford to just drive there or catch a bus to travel intercity. So we had to wait for the next semester. What we had at that moment was online dating and this distance which in my own opinion, is a barrier to a relationship.

It was all fun and games when we said goodbye to each other. We promised each other that we would call and text as much as we can to make sure this newly found love would remain running. But was texting and calling enough? Was sending each other cute videos and sharing reels on IG enough?

A week after, while on vacation, she posted a WhatsApp status of her and her ‘best friend’ chatting on video call. Funny thing about this ‘best friend’ is that his contact was registered as My Man. I know, you think I overreacted but hey my name in her phone was registered fully, with my surname too. So I had to ask some questions.

I should not have asked these questions. I ended up single within minutes and to save myself from embarrassment, I ended the relationship just to carry the little dignity I had as these WhatsApp status updates were public, meaning a lot of our college mates had seen I had been played.

Now, with my heartbroken, ego crashed and emotions sprayed all over, I was again not about to let this go. I know this will sound toxic but I had to, and yes do not judge me. As always, I had to strike back. I had to make sure that Hazelnut was hurt. This time, I was home, none of my friends had to know.

One big mistake that Hazelnut made was to piss me off when I had one more semester before my work related learning year. So upon opening schools, I waited for Vee to reach out and this time, I took her back. Knowing that, if Hazelnut was to hear this, she would confront me to shout or whatever it is she would plan.
She did figure it out. She did approach me and it was the wrong timing of the century. Vee was getting us some burgers and I was getting the drinks. Hazelnut did not see where Vee was so she approached me and grabbed me by the shoulder. I turned around and looked at her, Vee noticed this drops the burger mission and started walking towards this face-off.

In my life, I never thought there would be a stand-off between girls and they would be quarreling over me. Never have I ever thought I was the type to get that much attention. But hey, luckily they did not fight.

Catch the final article next week and the lessons about dating that I learnt from all this mess. The drama that happened at that school gate was one of the best moments of my life!

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