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She started a business with 5,000 Frw, a tale or reality?

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Sometimes we think that it takes a huge amount of money to start a business. But sometimes it is not just the case.

Murekatete Enatha studied Accounting at the Kigali Independent University (ULK). After graduating, she was driven to start her own business living the nine to five life behind.

Growing up, she was very fond of sewing. She thought she could pair her passion with entrepreneurship and make something of herself without relying on others.

It was those types of journeys we call starting from scratch, starting from nothing and actually achieving something.

Based in Musanze, Murekatete started her own little business where she sews rugs, carpets, interior decorations, clothes and other things.

In an interview with us, Murekatete said that he started tailoring as a career in June 2017 after a series of training. On why she attended the training she said to her it was a process of self-teaching on what she already loves.

She said, “Before I started making carpets, I knew how to sew. After finishing school, I saw a workshop of people teaching carpet making and I felt that I started to love it”

“I used to think that carpets were made by machines, but then I started to do it and I thought that was funny,” She added.

After a year of experimenting, training and dedication she then started to take it as a real job. It all happened because of social media.

He said, “I would post on social media [Whatsapp] and people would love it and like it, I was greatly motivated to pursue this as a real career that brings me money.”

She started to sell her carpets around June 2018, she first invested with the money he borrowed from his family.

She said, “I took 5,000 Frw to buy thread, crochet and tapestry [a tool used for sewing]. I made a little rug, and posted it on social media. A person who liked it also asked me to make a carpet for him, he gave me 10,000 Frw to make the carpet he wanted.”

Murekatete doesn’t use any fancy machines, she uses ordinary tools, so she spends at least four days making a carpet. Shw started with an investment of 5000 Frw and currently employs four employees; she aims to have at least five workers this year.

She says that her carpets are unique compared to the usual ones on the market.

She said, “In short, my specialty compared to other carpets on the market is that the customer tells me the shape of the carpet he wants and its color instead of buying a finished one. I customize them for each customer.”

The young lady says that this has helped her become more self-sufficient which is what she advises most girls should do.

He said, “Before I started, I really needed the help of my family for things like shoes and clothes, but some of these things I can now buy without asking for them now that I am at a certain level.”

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