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Untold love stories Part III: Be careful what you wish for

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In this world, everyone is selfish. Never lose yourself trying to give your all to someone who basically is making you an option. Remember if they treat you funny, leave like it is a joke. You may say it is toxic but what I have noticed is that tit for tat is not only fair when you tat. But normally people will tell you to let ‘tit’ go. But here was my tat!

I slid in Hazlenut’s DM on Instagram. We all know, it goes down in the DM! I already had her number as Junior Benz had me covered all the way. I do not know if it was the universe that was just working in my favour but that process did not take much energy or time. It was like she was also up for just hurting Vee.

We then started hanging out, I remember there was a time I stood up Vee because I was with Hazelnut. By the way, I would then go back home and Junior Benz as ever would be my co-conspirator in formulating proper plans on how to manoeuvre to Hazlenut’s heart.

As good as the plan was, I had not anticipated myself actually falling for Hazelnut. Before you knew it, I was head over heels. She was the opposite! I started comparing the two ex-friends and the more time I spent with Hazelnut, the more angry I would become about getting cheated on.

Playing boyfriend on two fronts became hard and so painful. Not to mention I was only a student and I could not afford feeding two mouths yet alone I had to have two lunches and two dinners. I am only human, but with a plan for revenge.

Noticing that things were getting serious with Hazelnut, I could not help it one day when I had to tell her. There we were, seated one sunny afternoon, sharing nothing but good vibes in her dormitory. Holding her hands, I looked into her eyes and she smiled. That melanin skin made her teeth so visible, it was like a Picasso kind of site.

In a soft breaking voice, I said ‘…I am not proud of myself. I honestly just wanted to use you to hurt Vee but this has become so serious in a short period of time. Now I do not want to lose you or what we have built’

As I was uttering these words, she squeezed my hand and said ‘…I had a feeling, the plan was the same on my side till I got to know you.’ There were crickets, then a smooch! WIth evil in my eyes, I looked at her and said, ‘Let us make this official.’
Without any explanation or a flinch, I went and visited my beloved Vee. I just claimed that I was to take my stuff from her hostel and go clean it at my place. She did not question anything. I packed up and left. There I was on my way to my new flame.

The semester ended with Vee begging and bargaining for forgiveness. I would make it a mission to play mind games with her on a daily basis. We ended the semester with Vee playing chase and I, hard to get.

In Shona we say ‘natsa kwavabva kwaunoyenda husiku’ and in Kinyarwanda they say ‘Guhingira ubwayi mu kigunda’ this in the ‘King’s language’ can translate to the devil you know is better than the devil you do not or be peaceful and mannered before you leave a certain place for you know not the conditions of the place you are headed.

In my mind I had won. Hazelnut was my new flame. The apple to my eye. My one in all. Well to me at least that is what I thought. While on vacation, she posted a WhatsApp status of her and her ‘best friend’ chatting on video call. Let me tell you the truth, this life is balance!

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