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Untold love stories: Two can play the game

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Do you know what BAE means? Well, to some, it means you are their Bacon And Eggs. Symbolising perfection in analogy of food. To others, it means Before Anything/Anyone Else. She was my before anything/anyone else.

From where I come from, they say ‘Chisingaperi chinoshura’ if I am to translate this, my forefathers basically were saying something with a start has an end or anything that takes off must come down. Well they were right because this is what happened next:

Eye chain locked, hearts racing, she looked at the phone and just held her head. ‘Get out’ I told her softly. She flinched, held my hand and said ‘No babe listen, it is nothing. It is just a phone thing, I have not met the guy, he slid into my DMs on IG and I gave up my number.’

For some unknown reason, I started laughing, I bet for those few moments, I went loco. I must have lost my mind, I swear! It all seemed so funny. In my heart, mind and soul this girl was my own. But now, there is this phone guy.

‘What do you mean phone guy? Don’t I have a phone? Don’t we talk? Am I boring? What wrong did I do? How could you just spin and turn your back on something so beautiful? TO just forget all we have been through in a second of online turbulence? You forget me? Yours? Am I even yours still?

This was me second guessing myself. Wondering and doubting, some feeling of internal bleeding, lungs seemed dry and empty. I felt like I was choking. In that moment, those oozing tears halted. In my head there was already a game being played. I decided to let the games begin.

Totally faked through the ‘let’s make up’ conversation. As I was doing so, in my mind was a plot. A plot to ensure that this pain I had felt, every tear I had shed. She had to feel the same way. I vowed to myself that I will bite back.

The next morning, the Gweru weather had turned drizzling. So we stayed in on a Saturday, watched moves, laughed together and all that. There was a moment she broke down crying apologising on Sunday. It was so sweet and all but it was too late. I had glued my revenge and exit plan already.

It was about to go down. The next weekend was her birthday, this was a good opportunity to give her reassurance that all was back to normal. Meanwhile I was already hoping we do not end up strangling each other. I remember when she blew the candles off her cake, I raised my red double tumblr, I wished her well!

In this six month old relationship, she had 2 classmates she loathed, ex-friends. Both females, she would always make fun of them and I would laugh with her, you know those goofy couple moments. Exactly. This was my way out of this. Revenge and exit was the strategy.

I played longball, she got comfortable and forgetful. She then started displaying extra effort. The energy she was supposed to match in the first half of this relationship, that energy came late. I would feed on it. Play mind games and right when her guard is down.

I befriended one of her ex-friends. Yes, the one she hated as they had a fall out during their first semester. Both being alpha females, they couldn’t be friends. Hazelnut, that is what I called her.

A dark skinned, melanin beauty. Big, beautiful white teeth, her eyes matched her eyes, she was a masterpiece in an outstanding artistry, plot of revenge workmanship. On the plus side, Junior Benz and her were churchmates.

What I was about to do, was to teach a loved one a lesson and one I knew she would not like or enjoy.

Stay tuned for part three. For the first part click here: Untold love stories: Never touch your lover’s phone!

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