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Shyaka’s journey to create versatile robots

Kevin Alton Shyaka is a student at Bugesera’s Blue Lakes International School, BLIS, in the second year of the Business and Technology BTEC program. The second year in this program is the equivalent to the fifth secondary year in A level national program.

At the age of 19, he started building robots that could be used in various sectors daily. He has dreams of reaching further based on the knowledge he has gained in business and technology studies.

During our visit to his school, we met Kevin, who had been working on a robot for the past two weeks. It’s a robot that can be used in various tasks and in different sectors.

We’ve equipped it with sensors that enable it to solve many problems that arise in everyday life.

Firstly, before this robot, it could be installed in a car, preventing accidents because it has the ability to detect obstacles or something that can cause an accident before the car crashes.

Another feature is that this robot can be used to control the car’s speed. For example, you can use it to ensure that a car can travel at 60km/h on a 100-kilometer journey, or at other times it can travel at 80km/h intermittently.

This robot can also be used in homes to control important things and ask for help when needed, especially when the owners are together. It can be used in a clean house and then moved to another room where it needs to work.

When we talked to Kevin, he said, “I came to realize that we are in a world that is advancing rapidly, especially in technology, which made me think: is there anything I can create that can work like people and give me the opportunity to combine with them.”

That’s when he started building this robot. Kevin said it can also be used at the research level where you can put it in bed and it will scan you in the morning and give you results elsewhere, unlike what is normally done.

“Nowadays, this technology can be installed in a bed and take your temperature, and if it detects a fever, it will notify you immediately.”

In a brief interview we had, he showed that he values education and now has opportunities to work on projects related to business, as well as technology.

He said, “As I continue my business studies, my dreams are to work on things related to it, but mostly on technology. I want everyone to see my robot because it has the ability to do many things.”

“Especially where it’s most used is on roads to prevent accidents and also in homes to control the way of living.”

The story of Shyaka Kevin Alton is a good example of the saying ‘Years are numbers’. It is a good sign showing that it does not require many years to reach something that can have a social impact.

It is a story that is inspiring to all young people to study that many things have been achieved without being based on many years, that the most important thing is knowledge and having a purposeful life.

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