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The secret to success in business through the eyes of entrepreneur Faustin Mbundu

Faustin Mbundu, well-known for his various business endeavors in Rwanda, stated that individuals, especially the youth interested in venturing into business, should first ensure they have a passion for it before meticulously planning their approach.

Mbundu became particularly well-known between 2011 and 2013 when he led the Private Sector Federation, but he is recognized in business through the MFK Group Limited, which encompasses various investment companies including Gorilland Safaris Ltd and Limoz Rwanda, offering car rental services; CAFERWA Ltd, dealing in coffee trading; Garden Fresh, which trades in vegetables and fruits; ANKO Properties, involved in real estate; MK Consult, providing business advisory and project management services; and MFK Investment, holding stakes in various businesses.

During The Long Form talk show, he mentioned that people afraid of facing difficulties, including financial losses, should not be advised to enter the business world.

He said, “I love it when you tell people, and they respond ‘I don’t feel business is for me’ because they fear challenges. They will never be happy, always pausing in fear, unable to make significant decisions.”

“You must have a passion for business. If you are doubtful or simply following the crowd, you will eventually leave it. Perhaps your talents lie in teaching at a university, writing books, engaging in art, or working in a particular company.”

Mbundu noted that for someone considering starting a business in Rwanda, it is an excellent location, facilitating the growth of small and medium enterprises.

He added, “If they can also come together, joint investments can be beneficial because combining resources and working together multiplies capacity. It’s about pooling capital and is a way to start from the bottom and rise together, unlike working alone.”

In Rwanda, there are various programs such as YouthConnekt, Hanga Pitch, among others, that support youth entrepreneurship projects.

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