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Overcoming boundaries, he pursued his passion

Ishimwe Israel, known as ‘ecee art’, is an artist who is passionate and skilled in his craft. For him, art is not only life but also a profession that can sustain a good living.

This young man began his journey in drawing as a child. In primary school, he used to draw in the notebooks his parents gave him for school lessons, which led to his mother scolding and beating him for indulging in drawing.

At that time, his family did not value his work, as many of the artists they saw were not good role models for their child.

In the third grade of primary school, his talent caught the attention of his school’s administrators. His teacher found him drawing in class and punished him. A fellow student advised him to report the teacher to the local authorities for hitting him for doing what he loved.

Still a child, Ishimwe took this advice seriously and set out with his friend to make a complaint.

He recalls, “It was a funny and childish moment. As we were leaving the school, we met the headteacher who asked where we were going.

I was about to cry and told him that the teacher had hit me for drawing, which I love. He checked my notebooks to see if I was writing down the lessons and, finding that I was, told me that from that day on, I would be the school’s artist.

From that day, the young man started studying twice a day (morning and evening) to make time for drawing for any class that needed it. His talent grew, and many appreciated his work.

In high school, he visited art galleries to seek help in further developing his talent but did not receive the support he needed.

He says, “I found an art gallery to work in, but they didn’t care about what I did. I had to move to another one. There, they didn’t teach but allowed self-learning. I stayed, playing with colors, drawing, and even getting some side commissions, which helped my talent grow.”

He completed his high school education in construction at Muhabura Polytechnic in Musanze. He chose to study construction to add to his knowledge alongside his beloved art.

Now 22, Ishimwe participated in the Arts Rwanda Ubuhanzi competition and was fortunate to advance to the final stage.

“The Indomitable” is the artwork that earned him a spot in the final round of the competition. Ishimwe says he created it to show that women are extraordinary.

He explains, “I named the piece ‘The Indomitable’ to demonstrate that women are strong beings. Moreover, I wanted to encourage young girls to avoid abortion, as the child could become a significant individual benefiting society.”

He aims to make art a source of tourism. He plans to establish an art museum to exhibit his works, which will predominantly feature various places around the world he visits.

Additionally, he wants to help those who wish to draw but lack sufficient support.

Ishimwe proudly states that his family now appreciates and strongly supports his pursuit of art.”

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