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AI: An enabler for young people in the hospitality industry

A report from Accenture estimated that AI could potentially double annual economic growth rates by 2035. A study by PwC estimates that AI could add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. AI is already having a massive impact on society and every industry.

Chat GPT, Bard AI, Jasper, and Grammarly are some of the AI tools that opened up countless new opportunities for their users. From University students to professors, creatives, businesses, and many more including those in the hospitality industry.

Despite the tremendous potential for AI to revolutionize various sectors, including the hospitality industry, there is often a prevailing fear that AI might lead to significant job displacement.

However, it’s essential to emphasize that AI is not here to steal jobs but rather to augment human capabilities and create new opportunities.

In a discussion at the 17th Vatel International Convention on “Artificial Intelligence and Pedagogy.” Christine Niyizamwiyitira, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University Africa, said that AI is a great tool for the tourism industry.

Christine Niyizamwiyitira said, “Machines like robot cleaners have improved the efficiency of various resorts in the tourism industry. Ai is not coming to replace human being roles, rather it is for assisting.”

Experts say that robots can not replace human emotional intelligence which is a skill that is needed in the hospitality industry, it can not replace customer care services and so many practices in the hospitality industry.

Christine Niyizamwiyitira believes AI can augment human capabilities

Nicole Bamukunde the co-founder and CEO of Vatel Rwanda a hospitality management school in Rwanda says that in the context of the hospitality industry, AI can serve as a powerful enabler for young people, offering them the tools and resources to thrive in this evolving landscape.

She said, “Use it as a tool to help you understand and have more insight into information that you may not be able to find in a library and adapt it. It can also bridge the language gap.”

She emphasized that AI is more of an enabler than a tool to make life easy.

She said, “They need to use AI to learn more and not copy-paste. You have to use it as an enabler, to learn more not just to make life easy. But how can it make your life easy and also help you learn and improve your knowledge.”

Nicole Bamukude the Co-founder and Director of Vatel believes AI has to be used with intelligence
The convention aimed at discussing about the future of education
Leaders from Vatel Group were also present

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