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Inspiring tips to unleash the power of young achievers by First Lady Jeanette Kagame

Did young people ever look for inspiration to move life forward and feel totally absent from the source of ideas?  On Youth Day 2023, through the youth forum organized by Giant of Africa, First Lady Jeanette Kagame foregrounded the major habits, youth should cling on to successfully become agents of positive change as an accountable population of Africa.

Despite the fact that some people still believe greatness is in size and past experience, she started drawing special attention, “Dear Youth, these can be strange times for us all. News has made its way into all our homes suggesting that there is trouble all over.  Children of our Beautiful Continent, what we want for you is quite simple: a steady, maintainable onwards and upwards for Africa”

Having good health, happiness, prosperity, and achievement, and also understanding what it takes to embark on the continent transformation, youth are able to step over the challenges.

The First Lady believes that together we can, together we will  “You are compelling, you are engaging, you are dynamic, you are creative, you are daring and, you are attuned to this rapidly moving world”.

Regardless of talent and luck, it is determination, Discipline and good judgment, Team spirit, Victory through partnership, Collective efforts, Reliance on each other, Collaboration, shared ambition, and friendship that have always guided strong performances in a team.

She emphasized that discouragement will come our way as a youth. However, we have to stand still and grasp our blessings. “Never mind those who claim that greener pastures are only available across oceans. You come from a continent of unmatched resource wealth, and you are its greatest resource yet”.

She inspired young people saying “You are gems of flesh, Dear Youth, I still urge you to work on your polishing. Invest in your shine. Channel your competitiveness into being the most educated, the most well-rounded in the room.  Be the voice of reason even in times of hostility.”

“Refuse peer pressure and embrace peer support, for friendship and social engagement should lead you to an improved future, and not a compromised one. Have fun, but know that worthy fun does not come at the cost of your health and well-being. Always defend peace, for there is never glory in avoidable conflict or blood spill.  If you crave success or even authority, learn to dominate through excellence, not through bullying or oppression.  The world has seen enough of our mistreatment of each other, of our nature, of our cultures.  I know, that you know, that you can do better for our fates. So do so.”

The First Lady realized that the youth’s paths might be headed to other places, but still, she gives best wishes of having a good education, health, and fulfillment, as they recall to uplift the homes that prayed for their good fortune.

She winded up expressing her trust for youth “I am certain that our youth will turn the collective wisdom you will transmit, into wonderful, abundant successes. May this future be bright indeed”.

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