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From makeup enthusiast to entrepreneur – Kamaliza’s journey to a career in the beauty industry

Do you ever want to escape the traditional 9 to 5 grind? Do you want to pursue a career that you are truly passionate about? There is a possibility for it to be a reality, you just need to be ready to risk it all and dive it head high. In an interview we had with Lydie Kamaliza, founder of Light Veil Makeup & Beauty Studio, she shared with us her journey to pursue her passion for makeup.

​​What started as a personal interest soon led her to discover a gap in the industry, an opportunity to provide professional makeup services and training. Lydie’s determination and entrepreneurial spirit drove her to establish Light Veil Makeup, a company that not only offers exceptional makeup services but also empowers aspiring makeup artists through a training program.

Lydie started doing makeup back in 2017 and when she initially started her makeup journey, she realized that many people were not pursuing makeup as a full-time career. Recognizing this gap in the industry, she decided to seize the opportunity and establish her own makeup company, determined to fill the void she had identified.

Kamaliza Lydie is making a name in the beauty industry

She says, “I discovered a gap in the industry where people do not do makeup for a living. So I decided that I needed to start a makeup company to fill that void. As I began working on my business, I realized that this could be a career that I could teach others about.”

The young creative-preneur today employs about 18 people in her makeup studio and the most interesting part is that they are all hired after taking the training program. Kamaliza takes pride in this as she says it is where she measures her improvement for her business.

She says, “I measure expansion through the number of employees I am using today. I started as one person but now I have around 15 employees, with more on the way. I take that as a big milestone.”

It is all about team work, like they say ‘team work makes the dream work’

Tumukunde Mireille Paradis, a makeup artist at Light Veil, says that ever since receiving this job, she is now able to help her family and she takes pride in that. She first took part in the training program after which she honed her skills and got herself a decent job.

She says, “What I learned from the training program is that your passion can become a career that can sustain you. It has benefited me to assist my family in their daily lives.”

One aspect of entrepreneurship that can easily be seen with Light Veil Makeup is commitment to professionalism.

From the moment clients enter the studio, they are greeted with warmth and professionalism. The teamwork at Light Veil is another vital component of their success.
Every employee, who has undergone the training program, collaborates to create a seamless experience for clients.

Young people use their passion to earn a decent living
They are first trained before being hired

Lydie’s advice to the youth is to be courageous in pursuing their passions. With resources readily available, including online platforms like Social media, aspiring makeup artists can learn and develop their skills.

She said, “For the youth who want to pursue careers in the beauty industry, they have to start now. There are a lot of resources outside.You can learn from youtube or instagram. The resources are there. There is no excuse.”

“If you start today, there are many people that will like what you’re doing. You do not have to be afraid. Showcase your skills and the clients will come,” she continued.

Starting today opens doors to a world of opportunities, allowing us to showcase our talents and attract clients. Lydie’s journey teaches us the significance of embracing opportunities and continuously learning, both in skill development and entrepreneurship.

So Dear youth, it is time to stand up and get our dreams on the line of action. The path to success may not always be smooth, and challenges will undoubtedly arise. But remember, it is through these obstacles that we learn, grow, and discover our true potential. Embrace those setbacks as opportunities for growth, and let them fuel your determination.

Light Viel’s core value is to make sure employees are showcase professionalism
The company is mostly comprised of young people

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