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Dynamic duo revolutionizes the construction industry with a digital path

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In a world where information is abundant, it’s ironic that accessing reliable information for construction resources can still be a struggle. Construction projects often face the daunting task of finding trustworthy materials and skilled workers. However, the founders of IZITINI, Lys Sangwe, and Felix Rubanda, have set out to change this narrative by providing a groundbreaking solution to this age-old problem.

The construction industry has long been plagued by the challenge of sourcing high-quality materials and finding a reliable workforce. This not only causes delays in project timelines but also leads to unnecessary costs and compromises on the overall quality of construction. Recognizing these pain points, IZITINI was born.

Lys Sangwe and Co-founder Felix Rubanda identified Struggle to access reliable information for construction resources, specifically materials, and the workforce.

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In our conversation with Sangwe, she said, “Many of us, or our parents, friends, colleagues, or neighbors, have experienced the struggles around dealing with building or getting our facilities repaired. Often, technicians do poor work and portray unprofessional behaviors that leave us with frustrations.”

It is why they have ventured into providing a digital solution. “Technology is now in different aspects of our lives; nutrition, health systems, finances, education, etc. but has it yet touched our facilities’ construction and maintenance journeys?”

That is the area IZITINI’s founders decided to the challenges faced in that sector and evaluate how to address them.

Through a comprehensive digital platform, IZITINI offers construction professionals a one-stop solution for accessing reliable information on materials and workforce availability.

Founder Lys Sangwe emphasizes the significance of IZITINI’s mission, stating, “We envisioned a world where construction professionals could seamlessly access the resources they need without the usual struggles. IZITINI empowers them with reliable information, transforming how construction projects are executed.”

Adding that, “Someone who is not a frequent builder and who doesn’t have someone of trust to send to buy the materials finds himself/herself having to move from one hardware store to another trying to ask about the materials’ availability, quality, and prices-and often the choice is to rely on the technicians whose honesty has been proven to be questionable, because of the way the market is set.”

IZITINI has vowed to establish itself as a one-stop platform for the access and processing of construction-related resources, starting from the workforce, where we currently provide electrical, plumbing, wall treatment, and painting services.

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IZITINI’s impact extends far beyond profits. By streamlining the construction resource ecosystem, projects can be completed more efficiently, reducing delays and cost overruns. This benefits construction companies and developers and has broader implications for society. Infrastructure projects are completed faster, enabling economic growth, improving living standards, and creating job opportunities.

The duo did not only want to impact the industry but also the workers as well, they want to support blue-collar workers to move from informality to the formal economy and enjoy benefits such as educational opportunities and financial inclusion.

Challenges and adaptability are an integral part of any transformative venture, and IZITINI is no exception. The journey has been far from smooth sailing as finding enough skilled experienced professionals turned out not easy. Co-founder Sangwe stated that one of the challenges they met was to get competent workers.

She said, “Senior blue-collar workers don’t have the technical skills and knowledge, as many of them did not access adequate training.”

Nonetheless, the government initiatives to establish and strengthen TVET education to drive economic development are very key resources for us, especially for the young workforce; we strive to leverage these along with on-job training.

The co-founder, acknowledges the hurdles they have faced, saying, “Introducing a new paradigm in the construction industry was not without its challenges. Our vision is to streamline the whole value chain to guarantee convenience for the customers. We are committed to ensuring that doing these kinds of jobs should not be a last option, but rather, a choice that enables them to advance in all areas of their lives.”

As the construction industry evolves, young people play a vital role in shaping its future. To stay relevant in the market, up-skilling is crucial. Lys Sangwe urges aspiring professionals, “Invest in continuous learning and stay abreast of technological advancements. Leverage the TVET established by the government, but also keep learning and curious about what is happening in the world in their industry.”

For the young people planning to work in the industry, the co-founder advises that they should take advantage of the different investments the government and its partners are making to ensure TVET programs and accessible, which will not only improve the quality of their work but also their position in the economy.


Lys Sangwe the Co-Founder
Felix Rubanda

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