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There are numerous opportunities available to young people; it is now up to you

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Right now, when you talk to young people, whether educated or uneducated, you don’t end the conversation without returning to the topic of unemployment, and they tell you that finding a job is still difficult, and when they try to start their own business, capital becomes a problem.

It is true that youth unemployment is a serious issue, as data from the National Institute of Statistics (NISR) show that the unemployment rate in August 2021 was 19.4%, down from 23.5% in May and 17% in February of that year.

These are the issues affecting rural youth because 74% of those facing unemployment and a lack of entrepreneurial resources such as capital are rural youth.

In order to address these issues, the government is collaborating with the private sector and non-governmental organizations to support the youth through various programs, ensuring that the country’s future is bright.

These young people who have ideas and innovations that bring life-changing solutions to their communities are receiving support and various opportunities to ensure that at the very least, this problem is reduced.

A recent example is the Ministry of Youth and Culture, YouthConnekt Awards 2022 competition, which aimed to recognize, promote, and support young innovators in various fields. Those chosen would receive nearly 25 million Frw.

In addition to joint programs to support youth business projects through the provision of interest-free loans and other means, BK Group Plc has established the BK Foundation, which will engage in charitable activities and assist young people who have created various innovations.

It is a company that will offer assistance based on three pillars: education, innovation, and environmental protection.

This is to ensure that BK Group Plc’s goals related to the Government of Rwanda’s vision for sustainable development are met as soon as possible.

According to BK Group Plc’s Chief Executive Officer, Béata Habyarimana, this institute will play a role in supporting young people who are innovative and impacting their communities by solving the various problems they face.

“We will assist innovative youth by providing solutions to problems related to finance, livelihood, environmental issues, and more,” she stated. “As we strive to make Rwanda healthy and prosperous, we hope that BK Group Plc will contribute to the development of the Rwandan community.”

This center will also provide courses to various students, particularly those studying science and technology. Those who bring innovation to the education and environmental sectors will also be provided with the resources that they require.

Because the BK Foundation is now starting with 1 billion Frw, this is a fantastic opportunity for young people who have different ideas but lack resources. The funds for the foundation come from the 1% profit earned by other BK Group Plc branches throughout the year.

To provide that support, the Foundation will focus on identifying different innovative young people and providing them with the necessary assistance.

This is an opportunity to add to the country’s various programs aimed at addressing the problems that young people face as a result of unemployment.

The establishment of a private sector for youth development in the PSF, the 2015 National Youth Development Program, is one of these plans.

There is also a seven-year sustainable development plan (NST1), a national labor plan for 2015, and other plans.

This is also supported by programs such as Hanga Pitch Fest, a competition that aims to provide a one-of-a-kind platform for showcasing tech-entrepreneurs and creative talents from across the country while also promoting the use of technology and innovation in the Rwandan market.

Other funds, such as the BDF, are also available to assist young people.

According to the government’s seven-year plan, 60% of students will be enrolled in vocational and technical schools by 2024. This will, however, necessitate extraordinary efforts.

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