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Here is KURA’s christmas list to facilitate your christmas shopping

stack of christmas gifts, decorations and knitted sweater

Santa Claus is comin to town! Can you hear the jingle bells already? So are we. We know you’re doing your last-minute Christmas shopping [because why not?] To help you out, here is a simple, well-chosen list of gifts you can give to your loved ones.

Even if you had no intention of doing any Christmas shopping because, let’s face it, none of us celebrates Christmas the same way, this can be an opportunity for you to support our local young entrepreneurs and their small businesses.

Wonderful pottery

If you have a friend who enjoys both art and practicality? At the Laini Studio, you can browse Kalisa Winnie’s beautiful pottery.

The fantastic clay designs are molded to be great designs for your homes, but they can also be used for other practicalities for those who appreciate multi-functionality.

Visit her website or follow her on Instagram at laini_studio.

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Lively plants

People are beginning to love plants more and more, primarily because they bring a sense of fresh air into your home or make your home feel more lively, but the sudden love for plants is booming, and we are here to witness it.

You can stop by Taba plants if you want to give your loved one a simple but meaningful gift. They have a variety of indoor plants that you can give to a friend who enjoys nature and will hopefully not leave it to dry.

Visit their website and their Instagram page taba_plants or stop by their shop in Gisimenti.

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Scented candles

I believe scented candles are underappreciated as gifts. Who wouldn’t want a cozy smelling room or house in this day and age? Kwezi Sana, the scent artisans, have the most vibrantly scented candles that are simply lovely.

The scented candles provide peace, calm, and are simply bougie and classy. These would be a hit with your pals.

Visit their website or follow them on Instagram kwezisana.

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Crown their style with Ikamba

Let us all agree that we used to love it when our parents took us clothes shopping for Christmas, right?

Why not bring back the child in you and your loved ones by giving yourself (because why not?) and your loved ones gift cards from Ikamba Apparel, a stylish made in Rwanda clothing brand.

Check out their Instagram page at Ikamba_apparel, they will definitely crown your style.

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A gift with Charisma

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, Charisma bookstore has you covered! With Charisma, you can purchase books, bibles, media, cards, toys, mugs, flasks, bottles, and a variety of other items for your people.

Check out their Instagram page at Charisma_bookstore or go to their Kigali Heights location.

Bean bags

Bean bags are popular for a reason; they are extremely cozy. Icondo has comfortable ones that you can give to your friends and yourself (we are totally not against gifting ourselves something as well).

You can find them on Instagram at Icondo_250.


Do you want to send your gifts in beautifully decorated hampers? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, or rather, our sustainable entrepreneur has!

Contact V&Co and you will undoubtedly receive lovely gift hampers for your loved ones this holiday season. Check out V&Co Rwanda on Instagram.

This holiday season, Santa says he will not be giving gifts; instead, he wants you to support local young entrepreneurs (Santa is we, we is Santa).

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