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Youth against gender based violence

According to statistics, one in three women experience physical or sexual abuse, usually by an intimate partner (UN Women, 2022). In the name of “dating,” many young women are subjected to emotional, sexual, and mental abuse.

Violence against women and girls is a violation of their human rights, and it can have deadly immediate and long-term physical, sexual, and mental repercussions, including death.

Women who experience violence are less able to participate fully in society and experience negative effects on their general well-being.

It has an effect on their families, their neighborhood, and the nation as a whole. It has high costs, including diminished productivity, increased demands on the health care system, and legal fees.
At least 155 nations have domestic violence laws in place, and 140 have laws against workplace sexual harassment (World Bank 2020).

In practice, it is difficult to enforce these laws, which restricts women’s and girls’ access to safety and justice. Violence is frequently not punished when it occurs and not enough is done to stop it.
To ensure that this status quo is changed, everyone has a part to play. Youth, the world’s future, must make sure they actively contribute to putting an end to gender-based violence.

Make sure other young people are aware of the services available to protect them, such as Isange One Stop Center, and provide comfort and assistance to victims. You should also report cases when you see them. Rwanda’s gender-based violence is addressed comprehensively by the Isange One Stop Center.

From November 25 to December 10, activists observe the 16 Days of Activism. We invite youngsters in Rwanda to take part and spread the word.

Here at KURA, we’ve teamed up with people all over the world in an effort to promote activism that will put an end to violence against women and girls.

We vehemently oppose violence against women. We support family harmony and peace.

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