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The youngest Minister, Dr Yves Butera shows that young people are capable leaders of today

Many people believe that young people are the leaders of tomorrow, but since their future is at stake, it is critical that they have a seat at the table to discuss issues that are important to them today.

Yves Butera is doing exactly that. By being Rwanda’s youngest Minister. He has demonstrated not only that young people can accomplish incredible things, but that they are also the leaders of today, not tomorrow.

When we think of a leader or politician, we usually think of an elderly person. Even when discussing politics with seniors, they tend to imply that it is for seniors. This is no longer the case because the youth are at the forefront.

Dr. Yvan Butera is an excellent example of this. He is a young, talented young man who has recently been assigned a role that we previously thought belonged to the elders.

He is the secretary of State in the Ministry of Health. He is a simple and direct example of what young people can accomplish. It is also an opportunity for him to learn and fulfill his responsibilities.

He is 32 years old. While still in school, his ambition was to pursue science-based courses, beginning with studies at IFAK in Kimihurura and Lycée de Kigali.

He earned his master’s degree from the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) in 2017 and his doctorate from the University of Liège in Belgium.

Dr. Butera, who worked as a doctor at Muhima Hospital for more than a year while finishing his studies, explains that the fact that young people are being hired in the country’s central institutions is another opportunity that the youth should not pass up.

“It’s important because Rwanda is really inclusive; there are opportunities for youth, men, and women; we’re all considered, and it’s great; it’s even better to work with like-minded people,” he said.

What principles assisted him in reaching his current position?

Every person in life has a goal and a mindset that helps them achieve their goals. That is what defines a person and distinguishes them from others.

Dr. Butera is exactly the same. He has three life principles that keep him steadfast in his commitments.

“The first is to follow the national line […] and the second is to have integrity,” he explained. “Discipline in carrying out one’s responsibilities. You must incorporate this into your daily routine.”

“Third, Rwandan values can greatly assist one in fulfilling their responsibilities.” Another thing I would add is to collaborate with others; when you collaborate with others, things tend to fall into place.”

Because of the duty he has, he serves as a role model for many, enabling others who desire to follow in his footsteps to do so. His words emphasize patriotism above anything else.

“You can plan what you are doing today by thinking about what Rwanda has already accomplished and understanding what made it feasible for it to be a country that people are drawn to,” he said.

The youngest member of the entire government is Dr. Butare. He is followed by 33 year old Patricia Uwase, the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure.

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