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“There is so much to be done and opportunities to be unlocked; we’re investing in young people”- RSSB

While various organizations work to support young innovators and entrepreneurs, the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) is dedicated to ensuring that young people have access to life-changing opportunities within the institution.

Regis Rugemanshuro, the Director General of RSSB, stated during the Hangapitch Fest 2022 finale on Saturday, December 10, 2022, that the institution is always open to young people with ideas and solutions.

“Our doors are always open to new ideas,” he said, adding that the institution is “committed to opening their arms to young people.”

RSSB is a financial institution with 38 equity companies in its portfolio. Thirty of those are based in Rwanda and are committed to addressing various local problems in various sectors of the Rwandan economy.

“We make certain that we are assisting entrepreneurs with the right ideas, projects, and problems to solve.”

Regis Rugemanshuro assured that the RSSB is fully committed to acting as a link between solution providers and institutions that can assist them financially as well as with mentorship and training.

“Some of the solutions presented here fall into the line of our partnership, from health to education, agriculture,” he said, adding, “We [RSSB] are happy to be a link between those entrepreneurs and the equity companies, whether they become partners or mentors.”

Not only that, but RSSB has created frameworks to assist entrepreneurs financially through a 500,000$ investment in Catapult Venture Capital. This fund will assist local entrepreneurs who are addressing local issues.

On a wider level, RSSB has also invested in a Pan-African fund of $250 million with its partners. According to the RSSB Director General, this fund is looking for continental projects that local projects can “ideally be a part of.”

Rugemanshuro advises young people to participate in various initiatives, such as the Hanga pitchfest initiative, to take advantage of the various opportunities.

“Participate in government initiatives; there are so many opportunities all year,” he said.

He also encouraged young people to approach funds like Catapult Venture Capital, saying that “their doors are always open if you have good ideas and great solutions.”

He also stated that young people are welcome to visit the various RSSB branches in their areas to discuss their projects and seek assistance.

“Feel free to come and present your ideas, and ask for the investment team’s contact information. If it makes sense, we are happy to connect you with our various equity companies or even directly to RSSB,” he said.

“There is so much that can be done, so many problems that can be solved, so many opportunities that can be realized,” he emphasized, “If you bring us solutions that have value, we will be able to scale them. We’re investing in opportunities for young people.”

However, as young people invest in their various projects, Rugemanshuro emphasizes the importance of encouraging young people to invest in their futures as they invest in various projects.

“Investing in your project is one thing, but investing in your future is even more important.”

The RSSB is also committed to helping young people prepare for their future by saving for it through the Ejo Heza initiative, a government initiative aimed at encouraging saving.

In Hanga Pitchfest 2022, the winner received Rwf 5 million, and the second and third place winners received Rwf 2.5 million into their Ejo Heza accounts.

Rugemanshuro Regis the Director General of RSSB
During the Hanga pitchfest 2020, RSSB said it is committed to invest in young people and their different valuable ideas

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