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Born in Nyaruguru she found herself at the British Parliament at only 18

Mucunguzi Izere Joselyne, born in Nyaruguru District, a remote and rural district in the south of Rwanda, announced that she has started to enter leadership positions as a young woman, having been given the opportunity to participate in the activities of the British Parliament at only 18 years old.

This 24-year-old woman has dreams of empowering Rwandans.

In her previous studies, she excelled in science courses only, as well as in continuing her university education.

She was chosen by the Imbuto Foundation to participate in important activities because of her leadership qualities.

She said, “I am grateful to have been born in a country that gives a young woman opportunities, to have a platform for a young woman to show what she is capable of.”

“These experiences came from various programs, I remember starting to take leadership roles as a young woman, starting from the village committee level to the national level, where I started taking responsibilities as a young woman to start making a difference for both individuals and the country as a whole.”

The Mucunguzi said that being given this opportunity boosted her confidence to continue showing that a young woman is capable, both in Rwanda and internationally.

She said, “In 2018, I had the opportunity to represent the girl child in the British Parliament’s House of Lords Chamber Event, and you can ask the young woman from Nyaruguru District who is 18 years old who has reached the British Parliament’s statutory age, she will give her testimony,… it shows that the voice of the girl child is heard both at the national and international levels.”

This woman attended the Women Deliver conference in Rwanda and is also a member of a group called the ‘Global Young Influencer Group’ advocating for the advancement of the girl child worldwide.

She said, “Our country’s Imbuto Foundation has encouraged us to provide a platform for the girl child to showcase her abilities, as I am now contributing to my country by introducing a program called the Girls Initiative, where we help women and girls with various challenges to advance, have a good life, have goals, and we have already reached about 7,500 beneficiaries, and we continue.”

Mucunguzi Izere Joselyne is one of the women and girls who have shown their friends that they can achieve great things through good leadership, at the Women’s Day celebration held at the BK Arena on March 8, 2024.

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