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“To become truly prosperous we have to upgrade our mindsets,” – HE Paul Kagame

President Kagame emphasized the role of the youth in Africa’s development for centuries to come. He emphasized the transformative potential of Africa’s young demographic in the global economic landscape.

During his welcoming speech on the 16th of May, at the 2024 Africa CEO Forum With a vision for the continent’s future, President Kagame highlighted the need for a shift in mindset for the youth to achieve true prosperity.

“By 2050, Africa will account for 25% of the world’s population,” President Kagame noted, underscoring the continent’s rapid demographic growth. He emphasized that this rapidly growing population presents a significant opportunity for economic advancement.

“Soon enough, the only middle class in the world that will still be growing is Africa,” he said, drawing attention to the unique position of the continent as a future powerhouse of middle-class consumers.

His vision for Africa is one where the continent doesn’t just participate in the global economy but leads it. “As this century progresses, Africa will increasingly be one of the world’s economic engines,” he asserted. This optimistic outlook positions Africa as a crucial player in driving global economic growth in the coming decades.

However, President Kagame was clear that achieving this vision requires more than just demographic advantages. He called for a fundamental change in the way Africans approach development and prosperity.

“To become truly prosperous, we have to upgrade our mindsets and aim for quality,” he said. This call to action is a challenge to African leaders, businesses, and citizens to strive for excellence and innovation in all endeavors.

The president’s speech resonated with a clear message: the path to prosperity is paved with a commitment to quality and a willingness to evolve. By embracing these principles, Africa can harness its potential and secure a prosperous future for its people.

With a growing population and an expanding middle class, Africa is poised to become a major economic force. However, achieving this potential requires an upgraded mindset focused on quality and excellence.

As President Kagame aptly put it, “To become truly prosperous, we have to upgrade our mindsets.”

“To become truly prosperous we have to upgrade our mindsets,” – HE Paul Kagame

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