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Youth on working in BAL and the opportunities that lie ahead

In the heart of the Basketball Africa League (BAL) Season 3, the involvement of young, passionate and driven youth has been critical in shaping its success. Through their diverse roles and unwavering dedication, young individuals have not only contributed to the seamless operation of BAL but have also embarked on personal journeys of growth, learning, and empowerment.

Mutabazi Winnie, a representative of Centrika, the company behind the ticketing system TiCQet, has been keen in providing ticketing services for BAL. With planning and seating arrangements, Winnie and her team ensure that every fan knows their designated place.

Through their exceptional services, Centrika has not only attracted international recognition but has also expanded their operations beyond Rwanda.

Opportunities at BAL are various and they have been beneficial to Winnie. Winnie emphasizes the importance of uniqueness and innovation. By consistently delivering outstanding services, she believes that young entrepreneurs can create their own paths, attracting clients both locally and internationally.

She says “The fact that we have worked with BAL for three years is because they saw something unique in our system that attracted them that other systems don’t have.”

Kamanda Promesse, a talented young female photographer at BAL covering for the ministry of Sports, capturing the essence of BAL Season 3 through her lens. From snapping exhilarating action shots to sharing them with the world, Isimbi’s work has not only added to the event’s visual splendor but has also helped establish valuable connections with people from diverse backgrounds.

She says “ BAL gives the opportunity to meet people from different countries and make connections which are beneficial to my profession as a photographer. When I go to Senegal, I find someone I know or whenever I am traveling to another country. Even when I need these people in my daily work, the friendships I gained can help me.”

As the young photographer reflects on her journey, she emphasizes how discipline is key to paving our way to success. As she continuously upgrades her skills and embraces learning opportunities, she has become an experienced photographer with an impressive portfolio encompassing BAL, Afrobasket, and more.

Isimbi’s ultimate goal is to inspire other young women to pursue photography as a viable career, emphasizing the importance of passion, hard work, and a constant thirst for knowledge.

Manzi Fabrice, is a young athlete playing different sports. Manzi took on a different role at BAL Season 3, overseeing the bench, dressing room, and player logistics. Through his membership at Special Olympics Rwanda, Manzi seized the opportunity to be part of BAL, promoting inclusion and contributing to the smooth functioning of the event.

Manzi’s experiences at BAL Season 3 have instilled invaluable lessons in planning, time management, and focus. The importance of preparation and hard work resonates strongly with him, as he recognizes that success requires effort and dedication.

He says “ For us we arrive here at 12 pm when the games will start at 5pm. It has taught me time management. I also learned to be focused and make sure that everything is in order.” Manzi emphasizes how every task or activity you wish to carry out will be successful depending on the time and effort you’ve put in in its planning.

The involvement of youth in BAL Season 3 showcases their immense potential, determination, and ability to seize opportunities. Through their unique contributions, Mutabazi Winnie, Isimbi Kamanda Promesse, and Manzi Fabrice have not only left an incredible mark on BAL but have also set a precedent for other young individuals to follow.

Their stories exemplify the power of innovation, uniqueness, discipline, and hard work. As we celebrate their achievements, let their journeys inspire us to embrace our skills, pursue our passions, and make a meaningful impact on the world.

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