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Why you should not feel lonely on Valentine’s Day

Users of social networks, especially the youth, know that in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, there are those who share humorous messages reminding others that the day of love is approaching, but there are those who will feel lonely because they do not have partners.

The way these messages, whether in text, photos, or videos, are spread, can hurt or set back some people in their thinking because of the wounds they still carry related to their past in love, especially if they do not seek happiness within themselves or do other things that make them happy on that day.

Every year on February 14th is a day dedicated to lovers, celebrated by many around the world, especially those who have partners and are in good relationships.

This day is characterized by various pleasant moments including celebrations for those who have built their love, going out to dine in places they enjoy, exchanging gifts to reaffirm their love, and dedicating time to each other in any way possible to remind themselves of their love, celebrate the progress in their relationship, and set goals for the future.

There are also girls who receive love rings on Valentine’s Day, and boys who give them as a reminder to the girls that they intend to spend the rest of their lives with them, or forever.

However, there are those who on this day are nursing wounds from being betrayed by their loved ones, having separated from them, those who were married and got divorced, those without partners, those who have lost their loved ones, and those not in good terms with their partners, such that the day might bring them sadness and loneliness due to their unfortunate love history.

Various documents show that this led to a student named Dustin Barnes in America, in 2001, starting a group with his peers who did not have partners, to celebrate the day after Valentine’s Day as a way to encourage those without partners not to feel lonely or ashamed.

This has led to the day, even though not officially celebrated internationally or nationally, every February 15th being celebrated as Singles Awareness Day, in a way to help them not to succumb to loneliness that might arise from not having partners.

The day is celebrated by groups of individuals who choose to come together and have parties, and also exchange different gifts to show that even if they do not have partners, they can still care for and show love to each other.

With the current rise in the use of social networks, when you visit Instagram, you find the word ‘Singles Awareness Day’ has been searched more than 65,000 times.

In recognition of this day, on February 15, 2023, the United States Census Bureau, using the day, revisited what the census reveals about the population of the country in terms of those who are married and living together, and also those who are single.

Let’s return to those entering Valentine’s Day without partners.

Expert in relationships, Hategekimana Hubert Sugira, says that one should not feel pressured or lonely on Valentine’s Day just because they do not have a partner, and to understand that they are not alone in not celebrating it because there are many others, even in relationships, who do not celebrate the day, and some who celebrate it but their love is not genuine.

He says, “For those without partners, it should not pressure them. […] even we who have been with our wives for a long time do not celebrate it. So, it’s not just you, there are others who do not celebrate it. Do not let it pressure you if you do not have someone; do not let it be a burden. And let me tell you, the journey of another is exhausting.”

“Do your own thing, know your own because even those we see celebrating Valentine’s Day, most of it is just pictures, you do not know what happens behind the scenes, do not let it upset you or worry you. But if you have a partner and you have a problem, look at how to solve it because it is not necessary to wait for Valentine’s Day, you never know how tomorrow will be, problems are better solved when they are still fresh, if you delay, they grow and you will find yourself fighting a bigger problem.”

Hubert Sugira also reminds those with partners or spouses not to wait for Valentine’s Day to show their love, reminding them that lovers should show their love every day because it strengthens their relationship.

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