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Makeup artistry has funded her siblings’ education

Itangishaka Ziana is a young woman from the Rwamagana District who has been working in the makeup industry or beauty-related services for over ten years, primarily providing makeup services for clients, especially for those attending special occasions like weddings and other events, or helping anyone who wishes to wear makeup to look their best.

She says she started by doing makeup for her neighbors who had parties, and gradually, she educated herself further in this field so that now, makeup is her main source of income, earning her a significant amount of money each month.

Itangishaka grew up dreaming of being self-employed, but initially, she couldn’t see where the startup capital would come from since starting a business requires substantial resources. As she applied makeup, her neighbors began to ask her to do theirs as well, gradually turning it into a profitable venture.

She said, “It was something I felt deeply about, wanting to help people look their best. In 2016, I went to Tanzania to visit my family members who were doing it professionally. I started helping them out, and they taught me how to turn it into a profitable business. I remember coming back here and then deciding to pursue it professionally.”

Can makeup be a profession that sustains you?

Itangishaka says that makeup is a profession that can generate a lot of money, especially in this century when many people desire to look their best. She mentioned that doing what you love, especially if you have studied it, can bring in a significant income nowadays.

She said, “Every month, I earn a considerable amount of money, which I prefer not to disclose, but it helps me solve my problems as a young woman. Currently, I’m paying for my four younger siblings’ schooling. Additionally, feeling that I have my place, owning a clothing store that I funded through makeup, being able to pay my taxes—all of these achievements I credit to my job, and it makes me happy.”

Itangishaka urged parents not to discourage their children from pursuing makeup as it is a viable profession that can generate a significant income. She used herself as an example, stating that she is now able to travel across Rwanda for different makeup jobs due to various clients hiring her.

She said, “Imagine if I travel from here in Rwamagana to do makeup for a wedding in Rubavu, Musanze, Muhanga, or frequently to Kigali, where I also have a bridal clothing store—all thanks to makeup. It’s clear that it’s a profession that can sustain you and pay you well. Therefore, parents should awaken to the realization that anything can be profitable if done well.”

Currently, Itangishaka wishes to expand her business by selling beauty products and women’s clothing, aiming to increase her income even further.

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