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I am not Dora but a young Zimbabwean Explora! #VisitRwanda

Before you visit any country, you have an imagination of what the country could look like, or what kind of food or people you will find there. Before I came to Rwanda, I never googled about the place, I really just wanted to come and see it all for myself. I wanted to see an African country that is clean, safe, and of course the lights not forgetting the views.

Firstly, allow me to say where I come from, moto does not exist. So coming out of the airport and finding a pack of bikes carrying people was really a surprise. I remember being in the car thinking what are people doing riding bikes in this terrain? At one point, it was like watching an African movie, only this time, I was part of it.

Well, of course, this was before I took my first ride. I have to say what goosebumps giving experience. Especially if you get a silent bike or a spiral one, those quiet beasts eat the road and of course, do not pollute our lovely planet much. 

Speaking of the city, Kigali, the capital, with its rolling hills and gleaming high rises, was an unexpected blend of modernity and scenic beauty. To the uninitiated, the term ‘city’ might suggest the chaotic hustle of urban living, but Kigali was a delightful exception. 

The streets were incredibly clean, almost sparkling, a testament to the communal cleaning effort undertaken by locals every last Saturday of the month, a tradition called Umuganda. It was as if each citizen was personally committed to preserving the beauty of their homeland.

And then there was the food! With each dish I sampled, I was thrown into a whirlwind of flavors, a kaleidoscopic medley that was as diverse as it was delicious. I reveled in the simplicity and wholesomeness of the local cuisine, with Ugali (a type of cornmeal porridge) and Akabenzi (pork) quickly becoming my favorites and of course, my favorite place to eat Nyamirambo!

I was equally captivated by the warm and hospitable spirit of the Rwandan people. Despite the complex history that this country has endured, their resilience and tenacity shone through, their smiles a beacon of hope and unity. 

My journey in Rwanda has not just been about the adrenaline rush of the bike rides or the awe-inspiring city views, but more about gaining insights into the culture, meeting the locals, and understanding their past. It has about tasting their food, appreciating their efforts towards environmental sustainability, and soaking in their inspiring tales of resurgence. 

My experience in Rwanda, far from the shallow stereotypes, is a beautiful revelation, an adventure that took me beyond my comfort zone and rewarded me with an enriched perspective. As I hopped onto another ‘moto’, ready for the next leg of my journey, I couldn’t help but smile at my initial naivety. Rwanda, you truly were a delightful surprise.

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