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Living in cowardice is not right – President Kagame to the youth

Like many countries still in the development path, the population of Rwanda is generally young. The Fifth General Census on the Living Conditions of Rwandans showed that Rwandans under the age of 25 are over 58%, while those under 30 are over 65%. Meanwhile, those under 35 are 75%.

This data confirms that a large number of Rwandans are youth and that in the coming days, they will be the ones holding the future of Rwanda in their hands.

To ensure that this youth, when they assume responsibilities, continue to lead the country towards a better future, there are things they are required to avoid and behaviors that must characterize them.

These future responsibilities of the youth were also a topic discussed by President Kagame this Sunday, in a prayer ceremony for the country.

President Kagame urged the youth to avoid living in a way of cowardice that lacks direction, as it is not what God wants.

He said that Rwanda, as a country coming from a far and difficult historical background, needs good and proper choices because that is what has brought it to where it is today.

He stated, “We have not yet reached our destination; we still have a long journey ahead, but wherever we have reached so far, it has been about choices, about working, and about acceptance. It is not just one of these things that can get you somewhere; it is all of them together. When you look at Rwanda, where it comes from, what it has gone through, where it is, and where it wants to go, no one, no matter where they are in the world, can choose where to take Rwanda, how to lead it, and where to get it to, no one, except Rwandans themselves, through their belief, and by working with others but leading the way.”

President Kagame mentioned that one of the reasons he focused on this topic was because the prayer ceremony included youth who could become future leaders.

He asked them to learn from Rwanda’s history and derive a strong lesson from it, one that should also be taught to others.

He continued, “I want you to understand this clearly, when it is your turn to lead, show that our history, the lessons in it, were not in vain but that you have learned something from it, so that others who come after you will have the legacy you have given them.”

President Kagame also told the attendees of the ceremony, especially the youth, that they should not live in cowardice without direction, as it is not what God wants.

He said, “Living in cowardice without direction is not right. I know that God does not want that. God did not create people to go there and be inferior to others. When God created us, He created us all equally. We should not accept this inequality among ourselves and between us and others.”

Among other things, the President emphasized in the ceremony that due to the long absence of peace in Rwanda, it should work towards peace in every possible way.

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