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We are committed to serving the country – The dedication of Komezusenge and Uwase

Some of the youth who have joined the Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS) advise their peers who are hesitant to join security forces to be brave and realize that they are serving their country because those who fought for a stable security are aging.

This was said on Wednesday at the RCS training school located in Rwamagana District, during the completion of training for 497 new employees, including 342 young men and 155 young women. These individuals had spent an entire year being trained to serve in this institution.

Olivier Komezusenge, who was awarded for his excellent performance in the training, said that he joined RCS because he felt a desire to contribute to his country.

He advised other young people to feel that they should play a role in building Rwanda, as it is the strength of the country.

He said, “My advice to the youth who are afraid of serving the country is that we are the strength of the nation, and the elders who fought for our well-being are aging. This means that no one else will replace them except us. Joining the security forces is easy; it’s a job like any other. Come, let’s join hands in maintaining security, rehabilitating prisoners, and many other tasks.”

Emelyne Mutesi, also awarded for her excellent performance, advised young women not to be discouraged by perceiving themselves as weak.

She stated that they are strong and capable of joining and succeeding in the security forces, emphasizing that it’s a job like any other and additionally, you are contributing to the nation’s security.

She said, “The youth are the strength of our nation and no one else will work for it except us. Many girls are afraid to join the security forces because they feel that they are weak. However, they are not weak; they should believe in their capabilities because there is nothing you cannot achieve if you are determined.”

The Rwandan leadership continues to encourage the youth to join the security forces as they are the hope for the future.

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