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The skills needed by young women according to Minister Uwamariya

As years pass, the knowledge people need in various fields should increase in order to keep up with the job market; otherwise, they might find themselves left behind.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya, has indicated that financial matters are among the things that should be given special attention in the education provided to women and girls, as they are crucial in all work they do.

Minister Uwamariya Valentine revealed that she also faced significant challenges related to finance when she first entered the Government, as she had specialized in science.

During a discussion at a meeting on education and the necessary knowledge to equip girls with in order for them to be prepared for the job market, held in Kigali on Tuesday, July 18, Minister Uwamariya stated that girls should also be taught about financial management and the operations of the financial sector.

Giving an example, she said that when she was appointed as the Minister of Education in Rwanda, she struggled with financial management, budget planning and its utilization.

She said, “I believe that it is very important for women to have knowledge about financial management. I studied science in school, but when we are making plans in the ministry, when we are making a budget and looking at how it will be used, that is the first obstacle I encountered in preparing the ministry’s activities. Making the plans here, making the budget, and even implementing it, I found that these were difficult things.”

Minister Uwamariya said that in order for her to be able to fulfill her duties well, she took the time to “relax in terms of financial management, planning and the way the budget works.”

Dr. Valentine Uwamariya has shown that in order for the daughters of girls to be able to compete in the job market in the future, there is basic knowledge they need to be given in addition to what they learn in school.

She said, “The first knowledge that girls need is related to the use of technology. As technology continues to advance, it is very important for girls to have knowledge in it in order to keep up with the job market. Therefore, the knowledge of programming, cybersecurity, and the ability to use advanced technology tools is very important.”

She continued saying that the other knowledge girls need is “about knowing how to speak and work with others because the knowledge of speaking and even writing is important in any job wherever it is.”

She said, “If you can’t talk to others, it will hinder you from doing your job well. I encourage girls to express their ideas with confidence, to listen, but I also encourage them to be able to work with different people because it will help them compete in the future job market.”

She continued saying that “another knowledge she encourages girls to have is knowing how to think critically and being able to solve complex problems, because these are very necessary things in the 21st century.”

Minister Uwamariya showed that the youth of today have opportunities and she even confirmed that Rwanda is doing everything possible to ensure that girls have knowledge in these different things.

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