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How Kamanda Promesse is cultivating networks and skills through the lens of sports photography

In the exciting world of sports photography, Isimbi Kamanda Promesse is a remarkable talent in Rwanda. With a passion for capturing unforgettable moments, Kamanda has become a force to be reckoned with.

Her journey is an example of the incredible opportunities photography offers for personal growth and networking. Kamanda’s story serves as an inspiration to young Rwandans, showing them the importance of determination, continuous learning, and seizing every chance that comes their way.

Kamanda’s photography adventure began in 2016 as an experiment. Little did she know that it would ignite a lifelong passion and lead her to a rewarding career. Starting her career, Kamanda’s talent caught the attention of many through her strong social media presence.

Today she is also working to cover the prestigious Basketball Africa League for the Ministry of Sports . Her responsibilities included capturing breathtaking moments and sharing them on social media platforms.

BAL opened doors for Kamanda, allowing her to enhance her skills and expand her network. Through her work, she connected with people from different countries, creating valuable contacts that helped her grow as a photographer. Whether she’s traveling to Senegal or exploring new territories, Kamanda’s network has become an invaluable asset in her daily work.

Kamanda emphasizes the importance of discipline and continuous learning. She says “ Discipline is on top, because when you work this year and you are called again for next year, Afrobasket comes and they call you, you are shooting in the Rwandan championship. In everything, not just photography or BAL, discipline matters.”

The valuable lesson she learned from BAL and her career is that discipline plays a crucial role in success. Whether she’s shooting the Rwandan championship or being called for future events like Afrobasket, discipline remains essential.

Kamanda’s love for learning drives her to constantly upgrade her skills through online courses and master classes, pushing the boundaries of her craft.

She says, “The other important thing is to always keep learning. I love learning, I am always upgrading my skills, taking courses on coursera. There are master classes that happen in Rwanda that I attend.”

Kamanda’s goal extends beyond personal achievements. She aims to inspire young women in Rwanda and empower them to pursue photography as a career. Through her social media presence, Kamanda showcases her work and actively engages with a wide audience. She encourages young photographers to use social media as a powerful tool for exposure, attracting clients and opening doors to new opportunities.

It is critical to remember that opportunities don’t come to everyone. Instead of waiting, she urges Rwandan youth to seek out opportunities and create their own paths. By attending sports championships and actively seeking information, young individuals can position themselves to be noticed.

Kamanda emphasizes the importance of a proactive mindset, hard work, and utilizing social media to showcase talents and attract attention.

She said, “For people to get to these opportunities is to first recognize that it is an opportunity and opportunities don’t knock on everyone’s door.Instead of talking about luck, let’s talk about what a person can do to create his own job instead of waiting for luck to come to you. You search for those opportunities and work hard.”

As the photographer continues to excel in her craft, she envisions herself as a role model and mentor for young women in the next five years. She hopes to inspire and create opportunities for others. With numerous aspiring photographers reaching out to her on social media, Kamanda is determined to set an example for others to follow.

Her story serves as an inspiration to young Rwandans, encouraging them to pursue their passions, seize opportunities, and create their own paths to success. With Kamanda leading the way, the future of photography in Rwanda looks bright, and countless young talents will be inspired to follow their dreams.

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