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Woman-owned business on a sustainable journey with reusable press-on nails

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In the bustling city of Kigali, Rwanda, a young woman by the name of Umubyeyi Alice is making waves in the beauty industry with her press-on nail business. With just her savings and a dream, Umubyeyi started her business, which is relatively new in Rwanda, and has been able to attract clients on a daily.

Growing up, Umubyeyi had a passion for beauty and fashion. She had a passion for creating new styles and experimenting with different looks with her nails. During covid-19 she could not go to the saloon she had fallen victim to the lockdown like the rest of us.

However, she noticed that the traditional nail salons were always time-consuming, with appointments taking up to two hours or more. This is what inspired Umubyeyi to start her press-on nail business.

Speaking about her business, Umubyeyi says, “I wanted to create a service that was convenient for women who lead busy lives. With press-on nails, you can get salon-quality nails in just a few minutes, and they are affordable too.” Her business offers a range of designs and colors, from classic French tips to bold and bright colors.

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They are based online and offer delivery to their clients

When they first started, they would import the nails but they soon realized they had poor quality. Umubyeyi said, “We used to export these nails when Nailcast first started. Because the nails we exported were of poor quality, we decided to manufacture and design our own.”

With the soft gel materials that they use which are also eco-friendly, they are able to create nails that do not expire quickly. They can be worn more than once and for a long time.

“It only takes 15 minutes to press these nails, which is quick and simple,” she said. “I saw a gap in the market for affordable and quality press-on nails. I wanted to create a business that would provide people with an alternative to traditional salons. I also wanted to show that press-on nails can look just as good as acrylics or gel nails,” she said.

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The nails are made of a soft gel material that is eco-friendly

Despite being a new concept in Rwanda, Umubyeyi’s business has been thriving, with clients coming in every day. “It’s been a year since Nailcast opened, and the clientele has grown so much. We literally have clients every day,” Umubyeyi says.

Umubyeyi’s business has not only provided a convenient service for women but has also created job opportunities for young women in her community. She hires local women to assist with the production of press-on nails and packaging, providing them with a steady income and valuable skills.

Alice Umubyeyi’s press-on nail business has been a game-changer for many women in Rwanda, providing them with a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional nail salons. Her determination and hard work have paid off, and she hopes to expand her business to other parts of Rwanda in the future.

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Alice Umubyeyi showcasing her press-on nail designs

She advises young women to do extensive research before venturing into any business. In her opinion, it is helpful to “determine whether or not the idea is needed in the market and what gap is being filled.”

She said, “Begin saving for your business to help you overcome any unforeseen obstacles that might come up as you launch your venture.”

This young woman’s success story is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and perseverance. She saw an opportunity and seized it, and now her business is thriving.

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Nailcast has a lot of clients everyday
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The business is empowering women by providing employment opportunities

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