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Designers on a mission to elevate the creative arts industry

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In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, it is imperative for young people to acquire new skills that will prepare them for the ever-changing job market. This is precisely what Bagambiki ishimwe Bruno and Edwige Umutoniwase are doing by participating in the African in Colors and Guez Show training program.

The partnership of Africa in Colors and Guez show was aimed to equip young people with different skills ranging from gaming to business music, and many others.

Bagambiki Ishimwe Bruno, a student in IT Multimedia, joined the program to gain more skills and knowledge in the creative arts industry. He aims to network with people in his field, and he hopes to use his new skills to create a source of income.

Bagambiki acknowledges the challenges that creative designers face in Rwanda, such as the lack of a platform for designers to showcase their work.

He says “The challenge faced by creative designers in Rwanda, is that they do not have a platform where they can showcase their work. Most people use traditional methods, they do not look at your designs through platforms like Instagram, they would rather see them live but we can’t go around knocking on every door showing our work.”

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However much the challenge is still there, he is optimistic that with the skills he gains from this training, he will be able to overcome these challenges and become a competent designer in the market.

Similarly, Edwige Umutoniwase, who specializes in product design, also joined the program to learn new skills that are necessary for her field. She notes that the software they are learning, Blender, is widely used in product design and will help her visualize her designs better.

She says “ The way these training sessions will help me is to visualize the products I usually work on. This software they are teaching us is highly used in product design and I will learn a lot from it.”

Edwige recognizes that there are challenges in the creative industry, such as limited employment opportunities due to the fact that awareness of this software is still low.

Edwige and Bruno are two talented individuals with a shared passion for design. Both are committed to achieving their goals and becoming successful designers in Rwanda’s competitive market.

“My goal after this training is to become a product designer who is able to compete on the Rwandan market.” Edwige’s aspiration is to become a skilled product designer who can compete both locally and internationally. She understands the importance of continuous learning and is determined to keep updating her skills to stay ahead in the fast-paced creative industry.

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Bruno, on the other hand, has his sights set on becoming the go-to designer for anyone looking for advertisements or animations. He is motivated to be competitive in the job market and is willing to put in the work required to achieve his dreams. He says “In the future, I want to be the go-to creative designer for anyone who wishes to have an advertisement or animation.”

Their shared dedication to the design industry is inspiring, and it’s clear that they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

As young people, it is essential to take advantage of such opportunities and invest in our future by acquiring new skills. With the world changing at a rapid pace, it is crucial to stay updated and competitive.

This is why programs like African in Colors and Guez Show are so important, as they provide young people with the opportunity to learn new skills and network with people in their field. By doing so, they will be better prepared to tackle the challenges of the job market and achieve their goals.

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