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Turning millions into travel assistance: How tourism changed the course of Safari’s life

Travel and tourism in Rwanda have been steadily growing, thanks to the efforts of various stakeholders and the abundance of job opportunities it presents.

One of the companies involved in this work is ‘Serenity Adventure Safaris,’ which has been operating in Rwanda for five years. It was started by a young entrepreneur with a passion for travel.

In 2016, Safari Sammy found employment in one of the prominent travel agencies, Nziza Safari, where he had responsibilities to promote their services. He began exploring the tourism industry and started gathering information from brochures.

Inspired by his own experiences, he decided to venture into the travel sector, particularly assisting tourists in exploring national parks, accommodating guests in hotels, and other related services.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when people were confined to their homes, Safari Sammy took the opportunity to research and develop ideas related to travel and tourism.

When travel restrictions eased, he started ‘Serenity Adventure Safaris,’ a company that helps tourists book various activities such as gorilla trekking, game drives, city tours, and other unique experiences.

Safari Sammy expressed his deep affection for his work, stating, “I dedicated a lot of time to learn about the industry and worked tirelessly. Eventually, I founded my own company.”

He initially started with a capital of only 30,000 Rwandan francs, using internet resources to connect with different clients.

Through his dedication and knowledge, Safari Sammy quickly gained recognition and expanded his company, employing 60 agents. He focused on providing exceptional services, ensuring both Rwandan and foreign visitors had a memorable experience.

“I aim to provide excellent services that satisfy both Rwandans and international tourists seeking to explore various destinations. Besides, I started my business by understanding the market and identifying what I love and where I want to focus, as these are things I cherish dearly.”

Safari Sammy emphasized the importance of offering personalized services and exceeding customer expectations. Although ‘Serenity Adventure Safaris’ can generate revenues ranging from 10 to 20 million Rwandan francs monthly, he believes the ultimate success lies in the satisfaction of clients.

He acknowledged that his work transformed his lifestyle and finances while also contributing to the education of students in Rwandan universities, sponsoring some of their fees.

Despite facing challenges, Safari Sammy mentioned some concerns, such as high taxes affecting the industry and the need for increased investment in marketing efforts.

“It’s now a global business where park fees, for instance, have increased significantly compared to the past. This situation may discourage visitors from choosing Rwanda over other countries.”

He encouraged aspiring individuals to enter the field by first learning about the business, studying market trends, and understanding customer needs. He believed that with passion, dedication, and the right approach, success could be achieved.

Currently, ‘Serenity Adventure Safaris’ operates in Rwanda and in the future, it aims to expand its services to other African countries and globally.

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