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The leaders of today or tomorrow?

Even though young people constitute the bigger percentage of the African population, it has become apparent that there are certain aspects like politics in which they are not given the chance of inclusion with the pretext that is put forward by certain leaders that young are not capable. 

Currently, Africa is the first continent that has the biggest percentage of young people where more than 70% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa is under 30. Globally, Africa has 19% of the youth population. 

Many studies have indicated that the population of a certain country is its greatest possession and weapon, it they have received great education, have good standards of living and are given a part in decision making which young people in Africa feel they are not given the opportunity to do. 

Having a seat on the decision making table is one the things that have been greatly discussed in YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2022 and different leaders have said something about it. 

Moussa Ibrahim, one of the 9000 attendees of the summit who came from Central Africa said that Africa’s youth is not given the opportunity to lead as it should. 

“I think it is the reason why most leadership positions are occupied by older people. You will find that the smallest positions are the ones given to young people,” he said. 

Kenya’s Deputy President, Rigathi Gachagua who took the time to address the young people that attended YouthConnekt said that young people should first be the ones to remove the barriers they face in politics. 

The vice president said that Africa’s youth should not give value to those that tell them they are the leaders of tomorrow, because they should already be the leaders of today, they should already be taking decisions without waiting for tomorrow.  

You have the capacity and the willingness

The recently elected deputy president firmly believes that Africa’s youth possess the fate of the continent. 

“You are the future of this continent, we want to tell the youth that the future of this continent and also the future of the elders is in your hands,”  Gachagua noted.

He told young people that they have what it takes, be it the wisdom and the willingness where all that remains is to take responsibility.

“You have everything it takes to take this continent to the next level, you have the strength, you have the passion, you have relentlessness and importantly have the wisdom that is needed to bring change unto this continent,” Gachagua enthused.  


Even though Africa’s youth says that they are not included in politics, Gachagua argues that it is not the case, since the laws that have been put into place are to facilitate them in doing just that. 

“We want the youth in Africa to take advantage of the laws that have been put into place so that they may take part in the development course of this continent, which for many years has been said to be asleep,” he said.

Gachagua finds that, for Africa to be better off, it has to be in the hands of the youth. 

“You have to take part and lead, and also change the status quo. These are the years to be innovative and take responsibility. The right leaders of today is the youth,” he said.

Gachagua asked Africa’s young people to stop avoiding responsibility and strive to have seats on the decision making tables so as to take part in the transformation of the continent. 

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame also agreed with what Gachagua said.

He maintained that the youth should rise and strive relentlessly for what they want to achieve. 

Young people are being urged to take responsibility today and solve the problems that exist in the present

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