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#YouthConnekt2022: President Kagame’s message to young people 

A man of wise words is Paul Kagame’s reputation in Rwanda, he delivers different messages to all sorts of people around the world and they never fail to make an impression and also impact. 

During the opening ceremony of YouthConnekt Africa summit 2022 on Thursday 13th October 2022, President Paul Kagame delivered thoughtful remarks in his speech. He touched on different subjects including values, purpose and discipline. It was a message perfectly tailored to the young Africans that were attending. 

The summit was launched 10 years ago in Rwanda as the president said it has become a “ powerhouse bringing together thousands of young people every year to contribute solutions and learn from each other.”  

The president addressed young people in that sense of reminding them of core values that they should have as they continue learning from each other. 

Knowing who you are 

Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame first delivered a message of value. In his speech, he stated that Africa is not a continent of problems, noting that young Africans should know who they are before anything else. 

He said that they are making outstanding things to bring the continent to the next level. “With your insights and innovation you are building a way for a more resilient African.”  

Even though many people may think that Africa has many problems, the president reminded the young minds that problems are everywhere and that they are not what defines Africa. 

“Yes, there are problems but where don’t you find problems? Africa is not a continent of problems,” he said   “We have values, we have had it a long time ago even before everyone else,” Kagame added. 

He said that with understanding who they are, young people should start “to move from these statements and theories, tap into our resources and resourcefulness to be able to be part of what changes the world order.” 

Young people are equal partners to world leaders 

President Kagame  said that young people are leaders and that they are equal to other world leaders. He  was encouraging leaders to involve the youth in decision making.

“We must do our part to recognize that young people are equal partners. We know you have ideas, we therefore have a duty to listen to you and work with you.” 

This was agreed upon by many other leaders present at the summit. In addition, the Vice President of   Kenya, Rigathi Gachagua, said that “young people are not the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today.”  

Even though young people are urged to take the leadership position, President Kagame reminded leaders that they have a role to play in making sure that it happens. 

“There has to be an enabling environment,” he said. 

Purpose and discipline 

President Kagame’s message did not end there. He continued his message to young people by saying that they need to have purpose and discipline. 

“Hard work, even if it is smart work as well, without purpose it is not fulfilling. Therefore, we must also have a purpose for who we are, what we want to do, where we want to go and all that is driven by having purpose,” he said 

The Head of State continued to explain further how purpose is needed in the journey that young Africans are taking. 

“With that purpose you can add a little bit of discipline. Discipline guides us, measures and lets us know what we have to build whether personally or at the level of society,” he said. 

“Let’s try to do it, it will serve us well. It helps people think and put value in every step of the way, whichever part of life it should involve a little bit of that. Just try even a little bit and we will be where we want to be,” Kagame added. 

He said that many young people can be discouraged or can have a moment of self doubt but that it should not hold them back. 

“Whatever is your purpose, do not get discouraged by doubt, try to overcome that. Undoubtedly, you, your family and our continent will be better off,” Kagame said. 

He reminded the youth in general to know what they want, who they are and what they want to achieve. 

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