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The education that we deserve

We all get why we get to learn vectors in school, so that we do not end up wasting time taking the long route where there is a shorter one. BUT, now and again, young people ask themselves why they learnt certain things in school.

For example, what was the purpose of learning about the lifecycle of an insect? Anyway, knowledge is power! But why is education so expensive? Have you ever calculated the number of years you spend in school plus the money invested in it?

Students after graduating colleagues are always at a pickle as they have the theoretical know-how; but lack the implementation know-how.

So what do we do when kids are graduating but do not even know how to come up with a Curriculum Vitae/Resume that will attract potential employees? How do we deal with the reality that companies want to hire individuals with experience yet youth are fresh from school?

Once, a certain student on social media exclaimed how she could have started a business with her university money as she did not see the value of education.

Is there a way out? Well, yes! SDG4 is the way out. SDG3 focuses on Quality Education. This education as a lot of cool targets such as:

To ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and Goal-4 effective learning outcomes. Just imagine going to school for free. No stress of paying fees or tuition. All you have to do is kickback, pick a line of study and slay! Well that is possible and on its way in the Africa we want.

To ensure that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve literacy and numeracy. Not only reading and writing is important. We have to understand numbers so that we can at least count cash. No one will be left behind in this process..

To build and upgrade education facilities that are child, disability and gender sensitive and provide safe, nonviolent, inclusive and effective learning environments for all.

Are there ramps in all schools? Do all school have bathrooms with sanitary wear for the girl-child? Well do not worry, this is covered in the SDG4 framework. You will not only be going to school for free, you will want to live there and sleep because schools will be so cool and so comfortable you would never want to leave.

To substantially expand globally the number of scholarships available to developing countries, in particular least developed countries, small island developing States and African countries.

We all love free things. Scholarships will not be a problem as we move towards the Africa we want. You do not have to worry. You will be berrypicking the scholarship that suits you best.

To substantially increase the supply of qualified teachers, including through international cooperation for teacher training in developing countries, especially least developed countries and small island developing states.

Some teachers make students sleep! No cap! This will not be the case in the Africa we want. All teachers will literally be like standup comedians. Teaching you concepts applicable when you get employed yet also entertaining you. There will not be sexual abuse of students for better grades as well.

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