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A guide to setting goals that you can actually attain

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Starting a new year can sometimes serve as a catalyst for you to set new goals in addition to those you already have.

Setting goals may sound cliché, but they are a great guide that shows you what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how you should do it.

Setting goals will assist you in avoiding doing things aimlessly and without direction, which may result in you wasting your time.

However, setting goals is not something you can do in the same way that there are some things you must consider and reflect on.

Reflecting on past years

Consider what you have not accomplished in the previous year when setting your goals. Consider what worked and what didn’t so that you can make any necessary changes.

You must ask yourself why your previous goal did not work; you must consider whether the goal was too broad, if it was unplanned, or if you possessed the necessary resources to achieve that goal.

When you analyze that, you must consider whether you still want to achieve that goal in the coming year and plan out how you will do so, taking into account why you did not previously.

Make a list of your goals and a timeline for achieving them.

Divide your brainstorming session into time periods for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals.

Once you’ve decided on your goals for 2023, divide them into categories such as financial goals, personal goals, career goals, relationship goals, health goals, and so on.

Focus on one goal at a time in each area of your life to set yourself up for success. Scheduling your goals — which ones you’ll concentrate on in which months — will help you excel in all areas.

It does not preclude you from pursuing multiple objectives at the same time.

The key to staying motivated

Setting goals and achieving them are not the same thing. Continuous motivation, ambition, and resilience are required for the latter.
Consider goals you’ve achieved and why they were successful to determine what motivates you. Define your values and consider how they can motivate you to achieve your objectives.

Aside from staying motivated to succeed, you must also understand what your goals are, create a SMART plan, ask for help when needed, and remain flexible.

The most important aspect of striving to achieve your goals is to maintain a positive attitude. Beating yourself up will get you nowhere; instead, it will make you feel less capable and valuable.

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