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The art of letting go: tips for coping with a break-up

Yes there is nothing as sweet as being in a healthy relationship. But what does a break-up feel like? Does it feel like the world is ending? Well, maybe it just feels like a sharp knife going through your heart, right? Whatever the answer is, I am sure it doesn’t sound good even a bit.

Actually, it is only normal to feel pain after losing someone that you deemed as the most precious. Going through a temporal depression, having feelings of anger or shame are just as typical as brushing one’s teeth in the morning.

Though all these are common during a break-up episode, there is a line to what shouldn’t be gone beyond. If you experience symptoms like intense sadness, change in appetite, withdrawal from hobbies, trouble sleeping for at least 2 weeks after a break-up, it might be a sign of depression.

Sometimes even deleting their number doesn’t work because you have already memorized it. You find yourself calling them even when you know you shouldn’t. Or sometimes, you find yourself on the way to their home. This is how break-ups are hard to deal with. However, if you are reading this, I want you to get some tips that can help you deal with a break-up without developing some lethal mental illnesses like depression, self-hatred, etc.

Express your emotions

Speaking from experience, my first advice is to express your emotions. Hiding how you feel just for the sake of acting strong is the worst thing I have seen, because in the end, you’ll recognize that you were only masking a wound and not patching it. Just as time goes, the wound will get even worse bearing something even worse than the wound itself.

Don’t jump into new relationships

Secondly, avoid new relationships. Some people say that ‘love wound is healed by a new love’, but that is not a good idea in the slightest. Work on yourself, heal yourself, be complete and make yourself happy again. Before you do all that, do not consider new relationships unless you want another sudden breakup.

Reconnect with friends

Meet friends. Remember, friends offer free therapy. If you’re blessed enough to have real friends, connect with them. If you find it even possible, make a calendar of plans with them. That will help you to feel surrounded and happy again.

Give yourself time to grieve

Has someone ever told you to cry it out? That’s because that is really helpful. Do not pretend to be happy when you’re only hurting inside. If you want people to see you, go in your room and cry all you want. That will really lessen the pain in your heart and speed up the recovery.

Even though break-ups are hard to deal with, there is always room for recovering and starting a new life. Remember that the other person is not more precious than you are. Even if it is easier said than done, ‘you were great before they came, you can even be greater’!

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