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So, Why Summer?

The long-awaited season is now in the middle. Thus far, have you enjoyed the half of the dry season as intended, has the summer yet brought out your aspirations to fruition? Or you don’t even have time to consider the high season?

In early July people start collecting their shorts, and hats and pack picnic cases as they get ready to enter their favorite part of the year. Not forgetting hashtags circulating all over social media and nice pictures of lake beaches. During the summer, you’re always being invited to someone’s barbecue, pool party, beach bonfire, wedding, and other parties. Other than youth, this season is most preferably by every person but for young people, we should look beyond the regular level of summer enjoyment and try to pull new wine out of the summers we usually enjoy.

Rwanda has two main climate seasons: Rainy and dry seasons. The Younger generation often dubs the dry season as “summer”, referring to the seasonal hemispheres. The dry season sparkles with the warmest and longest days of the year which makes it a unique and desired part of the year. Whereas other climate seasons have much rain and snow on some hemispheres, genuinely people take advantage of this high season by being more active and participating in numerous activities.

During this season, a plethora of young people have a break from different occupations, mainly academic pressure. It would be the best moment to explore interests and passion, and new experiences through the activities they enjoy. Whether it’s learning a new skill, taking on a personal project, or diving deeper into a hobby. Summer provides the time and space for developing talents.

As more people stay actively engaged and have enough free time to participate in activities where they can meet new people who share interests, it’s a great time to connect and build relationships, and also make new friends.

Summer as an anxiety treatment

Youth is depressed in one way or another, some struggle to meet their peers or parent’s expectations, and others might feel the pressure to succeed academically and be burdened with other overwhelming thoughts such as thinking about growing and figuring out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Young people should take advantage of Summer to regain a sense of freedom and independence from all the burdens and build resilience.

Talking of Summer, everyone hears about going to the beach, yet, other several physical activities can clean away stress, including hiking in nearby mountains, camping, and sporting new games apart from football, for instance, cricket, golf, and tennis. All activities strengthen social skills and mental health where they recharge the batteries and prepare for other critical schedules.

Not going too close to leisure activities, summer offers an opportunity to develop important life skills, learn in exciting ways and grow outside of the classroom and workplaces. whether through travel, camping, volunteering, or time for personal and intellectual development.

Summer didn’t come into existence for the younger generation to decline, we should avoid overscheduling ourselves just because we need to make our summer days active.  Also, rather than engaging in risky behaviors like drinking and driving to celebrate summer days, we would focus on the positive aspects of summer, as stated above.

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