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Embracing fulfillment and impact – Maud’s journey as an International Volunteer

Maud Ewoenam Ama Fugar is a remarkable young lady who has been making significant contributions in the volunteering space for over a decade. With a passion for volunteerism, she has dedicated her time and life to making a positive impact in her community and beyond.

In a recent interview with KURA, Maud emphasized the value of volunteering as an art of service. She believes that one must be passionate about it to give their best. For Maud, volunteering is not about monetary gains but about finding fulfillment in impacting the lives of others and building lasting networks.

“One must be passionate about it in order to give off his or her best. Youth should get involved in volunteering without any monetary gains expectation because we ultimately find fulfillment in impacting the lives of others and most significantly, we improve our personal lives and build networks that will last a lifetime,” she said. 

Through volunteering, individuals have the chance to rediscover themselves, accessing personal and professional development that leads to dynamic shifts in their careers. It also provides an opportunity to explore the world and embrace cultural diversity, contributing to building an inclusive society.

Maud acknowledges that volunteering comes with its challenges, such as dealing with different personalities and individuals who may not understand its benefits and may demoralize volunteers. However, she remains steadfast in her commitment and stands her ground against those with inferior mindsets.

Despite the challenges, Maud cherishes the positive experiences she has gained through volunteering. She has had the privilege of working with high-profile individuals like government officials and CEOs, and she has held numerous leadership roles within various organizations. Throughout her journey, Maud has impacted over 1000 lives directly and indirectly, finding it nothing short of fulfilling.

Maud’s passion for volunteering extends beyond Ghana, as she is recognized as an international volunteer changing lives across the globe. She started her volunteering journey in senior high school back in 2011, and she has no intention of stopping. She believes that volunteering is her calling and that the benefits far outweigh any financial gains.

Inspired by the scripture, “There is more blessing in giving than in receiving,” Maud continues to shape the volunteering space and bring about positive change in the world. She constantly seeks opportunities to encourage and support individuals in need.

In conclusion, Maud’s dedication to volunteerism exemplifies how one person’s passion, determination, and resilience can make a difference. Her unwavering commitment to being a blessing in the lives of others serves as an inspiration to all.

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