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About the platform

KURA bridge between youth
the future and ambition

Our Story

KURA is a youth-centered online platform to equip youth with all essential information that contributes to their mental and professional growth by empowering them to be the best version of themselves. KURA is a Kinyarwanda name that means multiple things in one. Kura means growth, self development, Enhancement, Progress, Productive and more

This platform is initiated to complement the already existing efforts of the Mastercard Foundation and the Rwandan Government to empower youth to find pathways out of poverty for themselves and the general society by creating opportunities. With its diverse categories KURA will tackle topics that pick youth in a way that it educates, inspires, informs, entertains, and motivates them.

Our Mission

We are introducing  “KURA” to make sure that at the core of the Rwandan youth empowerment is the belief that young people are capable of incredible things.

Through this platform our mission is to expose young people to inspiring ideas and opportunities and the tools to build their confidence and enhance their knowledge through the platform. We want youth to believe that they have the ability to take on anything and everything as long it positively affects them and society.

Our Objectives

Youth Empowerment
To ease access to essential information to the youth.
To foster a platform where Youth feel important and heard Objectives
To increase the employability and creation of Jobs which will increase the GDP of the nation and national economy.

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Our Belief
When we go together we grow together
Our Values

Our Team

Team description will be here and this is sample text, the key goal of this brand guidelines’ book is to ensure that all parties use the brand.

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