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Navigating red flags in online dating

While meet-ups allow the awareness of people’s physical appearance, personality, and social characteristics, it’s no longer everyone’s interest in planning a face-to-face with their expected partner. The Internet has made everything easy through ‘online dating’ apps that offer a safe place for dating.

Online dating in Rwanda is not a new thing anymore, the whole thing started from the age of SMS flirting, and Facebook friending to Instagram DM’ing and then online dating apps.

Some apps like Tinder, Boo-Boo, and Badoo have made it easy for single people to find what they are looking for. It is not just the apps but even normal social media is still on the top when it comes to making connections.

Though dating online can be fun and tranquilizing, it can on the other hand be a source of heartbreak and painful experience if your partner is not as loyal as you expected. Here are a bunch of red flags for online dating.

Asking for money

If someone you’ve just met asks you for money, it’s more of a good reason to call it a red flag. You might think they are doing it just because they feel a special connection with you, but truth be told, it’s just that they are talking to you for a bunch of bad reasons.

They say I love you within days

Some people tend to move too fast in a relationship; for heaven’s sake, you should learn how to crop them out. Taking time to know each other is an important tip that one should never neglect when it comes to online dating.

If they tell you they want you to become their wife/husband within days, you should start asking yourself some questions. My friend, it is not because of the chemistry you think you have. They might be having the same chemistry with other people or there is a particular reason they want to hurry things with you.

They never send pictures

Pictures are almost everything when dating online. If your partner is giving all possible excuses whenever you ask for their pictures, it is more likely that they are just playing. Maybe they do not want to be seen because of certain insecurities or maybe because you might see them hanging with another boo.

They talk about their ex

If a person repeatedly talks or complains about their ex, it is obvious they are still stuck in their past relationship. They are not ready to move on. No matter how kind of a person you may be, you don’t want to be the third wheel. Save yourself!

Not respecting your digital boundaries

Among the things that a relationship should never lack, respect is by far among the firsts. If your match doesn’t respect the fact that a certain digital thing makes you uncomfortable, they are probably not going to respect your boundaries when it comes to important issues.

Dating online is a beautiful experience but one who engages in the digital world should always be cautious. That is why any single red flag should always be addressed in online dating.

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