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My hobbies transformed me

It is true that having a hobby that you like brings so much joy to yourself. It opens up the opportunities to learn new skills and relieve your stress. Hobbies are more than just exploring your passion and values, they contribute a lot to how we go about our everyday life.

If you love reading like me, you know how it feels when you are reading a wonderful novel. You may find someone laughing out loud or crying depending on the story he/she is reading. There are others who love painting, knitting, watching movies, playing games, and more. All these activities have many benefits to our well-being.

In fact, hobbies play a huge role in eradicating boredom and improving your personal growth. When you have a hobby, you always have something to fill in your time. You are exposed to new ideas, new theories, new people, and new perspectives about life. You become less bored in your day-to-day life.

Hobbies add variety and adaptability to your routine. They allow you to embrace the new change and try new things which can be refreshing and prevent feelings of stagnation.

Take an example of knitting. Knitting for the first time will not be easy. You will struggle with yarn and holding the crochet. The first fabrics you will knit will be horrible. However these challenges are not bad, they open the room of creativity inside of you.

In addition, hobbies give us interesting stories and experiences that we can share with other people. I remember the time my friend and I agreed to join others in hiking. There were around 20 people in total. Most of them were experts in hiking except us. People were sharing stories and we didn’t feel like intruders.

Honestly speaking, we were truly excited about this new hobby until we climbed Mount Jali. We didn’t even finish a kilometer. We were tired within a few meters. Our legs were so numb in such a way that we could barely move.

My friend looked at me and whispered slowly, “This is not for us dear. A new hobby will be greater than this.” I laughed really hard for sure, but we decided right away that we would NEVER go hiking again. That is me and my friend!

Another interesting thing about a hobby is that it can be turned into a career. If you like watching movies, you can become a filmmaker or a scriptwriter. If you love reading, you can be an author or start a publishing house. You can become a painter, a photographer, and many more.

The decision to build a new hobby is a personal one. Whether you turn it into a career or do it for relaxation the choice is yours to take. The key is to be happy and find a sense of fulfillment in your life.

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