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It is okay not be okay!


From the moment one wakes up, we start making decisions. Be it brushing your teeth before you make your bed. Maybe it might be picking up the outfit of the day. We are constantly thinking about something and making decisions.

A normal being makes about 35,000 choices per day. Of this number, 227 choices daily are made on just food alone according to researchers at Cornell University.

Now let us do the math, 24 hours into 35,000 choices gives us about 1,458 choices in an hour. If that is not crazy, I do not know what is.

With all these choices, as humans it is normal to make mistakes and of course bad choices. However, we keep being hard on ourselves. Second guessing if we did enough. Maybe it is work, school, that relationship and at times we find ourselves questioning the decisions we make.

Well, that is being human. Basically, this constant pondering eats up our mind and affects how we operate on a daily basis.

Today, as you read this, know firstly, it is okay not to be okay! Time and time again, you are allowed to break down and fall apart.

Pressure is real, playing strong does not work. Go through the emotions and trust the process. Mentally this will help you acknowledge the problems you are facing and enable you to work on possible solutions.

Mental Health, a term used a lot but a number of people are not able to embrace and acknowledge that it is real.

So as we wind up the week, focus on the first step towards a better mental state. Do not be in denial when you are facing challenges. Embrace it. Go through the emotion and remember it is okay not to be okay.

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