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‘For Us, With Us” Takeaways from the Youth (Pictures & Video)

On may 30th, KURA organized it’s first ever event themes ‘For Us, with Us”, the event aimed at empowering young people through open discussions, generating actionable insights, and ultimately creating solutions that resonate with the aspirations and concerns of the youth today.

More than 100 young people attended the event and were inspired by three dynamic speakers. Uwase Dominique Alonga, the founder of Imagine We, Cheyenne Muvunyi the founder and CEO of Glowforce and Patrick Afrika the founder of Afrolago, shared insights on what made their success and the challenges they faced that young people should be aware of.

Ella Theodette Rudacogora says that her major takeaway from the event is that the time to take action is now!

She said, “Everything i want to do i just have to make sure that I start. I do not have to wait for the next year or wait for investors to put my idea into action.

Her message to young people who could not attend the event is to,”Stop bring afraid start do not count on anybody, It all depends on you.”

Gael Ndayiziga says that he was empowered by the ideas of the panelists but especially Dominique Alonga.

He said, “I was empowered by ideas and how to grow your business and to be creative, my takeaway from Dominique is how she said to examine our lives and find something good that we can create and not to wait around for opportunities to come one day.”

Ashimwe prudent realized from the event that you do not have to be old to be bold.

He said, “I saw people my age, who have amazing dreams who have great futures. I thought that only older people can achieve certain things but I was inspired to actually do something and be successful while young.”

There is nothing for the youth, without the youth
More than 100 people attended the event
The event aimed to inspire young people and provide a platform where they can discuss various topics
Cheyenne Muvunyi was among the panelists
Patrick Africa Inspired young people to start monetizing the skills they have
Uwase Dominique Alonga said that young people should start taking chances on themselves
The Panel served as ground to inspire young people to take action

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  1. Wow, this event was truly inspiring! Not only did it provide actionable insights and spark conversations among young people, but it also demonstrated that with hard work and dedication, we can achieve our dreams. The stories of the speakers resonated deeply with me, and I’m left feeling empowered and motivated to take action in my own life. Thank you, KURA, for organizing this incredible event

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