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ALX Rwanda: A New Chapter in Tech Talents

The digital landscape is ever-evolving and dynamic, presenting vast opportunities for Rwandan youth to lead and innovate.

Kigali is making its mark, with institutions like ALX leading the charge, transforming the country’s ambitious youth into tech leaders as they say nothing for us without us, what a great place to start than the tech industry.

With roots in eight African countries, ALX’s recent “Karibu” event symbolized more than a welcome—it marked the beginning of an ambitious journey for Rwanda’s future tech enthusiasts.

This celebratory wave, showcased ALX’s continental footprint, amplifying the tech training revolution witnessed in recent months such as the Infobip training session at Norsken, etc.

The ceremony was big on inspiration and aspiration. Graduates recounted their ALX journeys, while figures from the Mastercard Foundation and the Ministry of Youth set the strategic vision for Rwanda’s tech future.

The incoming students will explore diverse realms, from Data Analytics to Cloud Computing. Beyond tech prowess, ALX’s curriculum prioritizes essential soft skills, cultivating well-rounded professionals.

As the founder Fred Swaniker once said “Africa’s role in the future is undeniable. With Africans projected to be 40% of the global population by century’s end, it’s vital we nurture our potential. ALX is poised to amplify Africa’s tech representation, shifting from today’s 3% of global software engineers.”

Nimie Chaylone U. City Director, added, “’Karibu’ is ALX’s ethos. With each cohort, we’re not merely inducting students; we’re acknowledging the boundless potential of tomorrow’s tech luminaries. Welcome to ALX—where Africa’s tech destiny is being crafted.”

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