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Opportunities youth should use to combat unemployment

One of the main things you might hear from many young people in Rwanda is that after finishing their studies, they struggle to find a job and often express that unemployment is a significant burden.

This is a problem that the Government of Rwanda is well aware of, which is why various programs have been established to support youth and create new jobs. For instance, in the seven-year plan ending in late 2024, the goal is to create 1.5 million jobs. The Minister of Public Service and Labor, Assoc. Prof. Bayisenge Jeannette, recently announced that this initiative is 90% implemented.

The City of Kigali also introduced a program called ‘Job Net’ in 2015. This program aims to connect young job seekers with employers to reduce unemployment. Given that Kigali’s population is expected to double in the next 20 years, growing from nearly two million to four million, the program aims to ensure that the youth living there have employment opportunities.

The ‘Job Net’ program is annual, and a report from the City of Kigali shows that from 2015 to 2023, 4,103 young people were given permanent jobs, 5,067 were given temporary jobs, 7,147 were provided with internship opportunities, and 10,629 received training through the program.

On May 15, 2024, when the City of Kigali once again connected job-seeking youth with employers for the 13th time in an event held at Camp Kigali, the Mayor of Kigali, Dusengiyumva Samuel, highlighted the program’s success, urging the youth not to overlook it.

He said, “The City of Kigali has put in place various programs to solve the problems of people needing jobs, including this ‘Job Net’ program. We have conducted it many times, and it has yielded significant results. In the most recent ‘Job Net,’ over 648 youths found permanent jobs, 295 found temporary jobs, 1,848 were approved for internships, and 1,725 received training.”

In 2023, 63 companies operating in Rwanda participated in this program to recruit quality employees, contributing significantly to its success.

Not only do companies offering jobs participate, but you also find organizations that support youth projects and offer short-term courses to enhance their skills, helping them perform well in their jobs or advance their projects.

This program also attracts many prominent companies in Rwanda, including MTN Rwanda, Bank of Kigali, the Business Development Fund (BDF), the USAID’s Hanga Akazi project, KSP Rwanda, Corps Africa, Pharo Foundation, and others.

Minister of Public Service and Labor, Assoc. Prof. Bayisenge Jeannette, reminded the youth that the country is there to inform them about available opportunities, including the ‘Job Net’ program, urging them not to waste these opportunities and to also participate in the creation of new jobs.

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